March 22, 2019

5 Friday Favorites.

1. I got my 23 and Me DNA profile back.

2. I finished a good book.

3. There's a commissary here. While there's no active duty base, there's a reserve base near the airport. It's in the absolute most inconvenient of locations, but sometimes Scott has to work there for a day. We were sharing a vehicle this week, so I drove him there on Tuesday (70 minutes round-trip) and picked him up (140 minutes's like 15 miles away, but #traffic). But we went to the commissary. It was blissful. There were maybe 4 other people there. It was smaller, obviously, but so nice and clean and quiet. I wish I could go there every week. Everything was much cheaper than the regular grocery stores here and even a lot cheaper compared to the commissary in Colorado.

4. I got these Olay face masks after someone recommended them. I got the Fresh Reset because I think I was vainly hoping it'd get rid of the bags under my eyes (no such luck) but it was so great (and it didn't make me break out!), that I also ordered the Pore Detox. Also a winner. I think it's weird that the directions don't mention how often to use them, but I've been using each once a week. I really think they'll last a long time too.

5. This podcast. (That's a Stitcher link, but I listen through iTunes.)

I've been meaning to listen to it for months, really. It's so convicting and smart. I just really appreciate that someone (younger than me, even) can put my thoughts into words. It's very motivating when it comes to Christianity, government, politics, etc. Also, it's 3 times a week, so I love daily or near-daily podcasts because I listen to a LOT of podcasts.

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  1. i have 7.5 deaths on my TBR and can't wait to dig into it.

  2. Good to know about the masks - I've seen a few people review them & so far, I'm hearing nothing but positive things!

  3. Man, you remind me, my brother did one of those DNA things a while back, I should ask him what the results were...(i.e. cheapo way of checking your own DNA hahaha)


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