January 23, 2019

6 months of Wells

I moved to Pennsylvania earlier than originally planned, so I switched Wells to a new pediatrician and he had his 6 month appointment/shots last week. I will miss his doctor in Laramie a lot because she was wonderful with him. However, it's all temporary and he'll have a new doctor next year because that's the type of life we live. I'm not sure how I feel about the medical care here yet...the east coast is just coming across as very different from the west. The NP we saw is fine. I'm just reminded of how quickly things tend to go here, as opposed to Wyoming, where his doctor was focused on integrative medicine and it was a more child-led approach to babies. It's not bad. Just different.

Wells loves to play now. He shrieks and squirms and rolls on the floor, usually while chewing on a blanket. He's learning how his toys work, which is fun to watch.

Purees are still going well. He loves them so much. If he wouldn't have taken to purees so quickly, I probably would've not pushed them. But he's an eater, for sure. His favorite by far? Butternut squash. Which is weird. Also, with the move and all, I started buying jarred baby food to give him regularly. I always taste it myself first and I swear it's not that bad, and tastes just the ones I made myself. I'm planning to make a few of his favorites to freeze in ice cube trays again. (That's a goal for this week.)

He's really good at the Bumbo now and bangs his hands on the tray when he eats. I'm high-chair shopping. Any recommendations? I was thinking this one.

He also still does so well on the Enfamil Gentlease. If you are looking to start formula, try it. I've heard of so many babies who just can't tolerate Similac, so if you think yours is one, just switch now.

Sleep is...better? I do know that he does better in his own room, in a crib. My parents set up a crib at their house (useful for both Wells and for his new little cousin set to arrive in May) in an extra bedroom and just keeping him in his own room makes such a difference in how much he sleeps. In my room in the travel crib, he's likely to wake up every 90 minutes. In his own room, he easily does 4 hour stretches and goes back to sleep as soon as I feed him. Finding a new routine will be our friend this next month. Good luck to us.

Wells is a trooper when it comes to traveling. I drove across most of the country with him last month and he just dealt with it. He did love that hotel living though. Usually we get cheaper hotel rooms because we're only there to sleep, but with a baby I needed something reliable and extra clean. I can't say I got much sleep but it was a pleasant enough stay.

Overall, aside from the teething which can make him quite grouchy, he's a very easy-going baby (I have no idea who he got this from). He can nap anywhere and eat anywhere.

Scout and Jett pretty much just ignore Wells now. Scout will run up to him, sniff and snuff for a second or two, and then run away. It's like Jett has accepted that he's just there now and Scout is busy with his own things (hunting, napping, sniffing, looking around for Scott, etc).

Jett likes to lick him, still. But he's really not that into him the way he used to be. I'll be interested to see how it plays out once Wells starts crawling.

They are very much like people and just do their own thing. The dogs, that is.

Currently, Wells has 2 bottom teeth and is getting top teeth. The biggest (and best) news is that he's sleeping in his crib all the time and I'm so grateful to myself for pushing the sleep training. He doesn't sleep through the night because he still wakes up to eat, but he sleeps flat and puts himself to sleep. I used the swing up until about Christmas, and then I had to pack it up and put it into storage. He wasn't sleeping in it at night, but I still used it for napping and calming him down if he was upset about his teeth. He still hangs out in the bouncer once in awhile, but I'm packing it up this week. I read this review about the rock-and-play and it all makes heartbreaking sense so I'm pretty glad he hated it. Any safety issues aside, I know that if he'd liked it (and if it'd worked to help him sleep), I would've kept using it until he maxed the weight limit. No breaking the habit now. The same with pacifiers. He hated them so we never used them and he won't have to give one up.

Some things that we love...

Lope & Ng bibs
From my sister-in-law for Christmas...I got rid of our other bibs. These are amazing. You just wash them in the sink and they dry in minutes.

V-Tech Puppy Rattle
This might be the most adorable thing ever. A close second is this Leap Frog Sing and Snuggle Scout. It has some ridiculously cute songs that are usually stuck in my head all day long.

This mobile
If you want something that does the job, and is easy to move around, go with this. My parents sent it to us two months ago and I've used it constantly. I fastened it to his crib in Laramie, to the crib my parents set up, and then to his crib again when we set it up in Pittsburgh. He LOVES it. The description says "up to 5 months" because apparently they can sit up on their own and pull it down at that point. Wells isn't at that point yet. Sometimes I'll stand him up because he likes to grab the animals but he definitely can't reach it from the lying down position and he's 6 1/2 months.

Things have been all kinds of out-of-sorts for the last 6 weeks in our world. While I'm definitely enjoying Wells as a baby, I have a few things we NEED to work on this next month:  continue with food (try a few meats and eggs), really work on sitting (he's not a fan of sitting at all, anywhere...he likes to lay and kick, and stand and jump), and work on a nap schedule. No two days in a row look the same for us right now, so it's almost impossible to rely on a nap schedule. It's a work in progress. 


  1. So you're already in PA? Hope the settling in is going well :)

  2. I would not get the Joovy. It looks nice. But we had it for a month and I sold it and got the IKEA one and I LOVE it. It’s cheap, super easy to clean, and minimalistic. The Joovy made Imogen slouch way too much, and it was a MEGA pain in the ass to clean. Sooooo many nooks and crannies!!! I hated it. So much.

  3. I'm so glad that he is such a good traveler! That makes such a huge difference especially as they get older. E has been a good traveler since she was born and I'm so grateful haha.

  4. It's awesome that he's a "go with the flow" kinda baby, especially with life all in upheaval these days! Cyrus just goes wherever I go and doesn't really have a nap schedule other than one in the morning and one in the afternoon--I knew with our life he would really have to be able to sleep anywhere and so far, as much as he's not a really sleepy type, when he does want to sleep, he sleeps, including yesterday on the rug in the classroom while the big kids were being excessively loud. And he's finally getting really close to sleeping through the night--not eating at night anymore woohoo!

  5. He is beautifully adorable. How is he 6 months already!


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