January 12, 2019

10 things for January 10th (er, 12th)

This was originally going to go up on Thursday but that ended up being one of those stressful days concerning moving (Happy Birthday to me and all), so here we are. We did celebrate with Chinese food and crab rangoon (see below). 

It's my birthday.

Here's 10 things about me. Being born on the 10th, I've always used 10 as my favorite number.

1. I don't love movies and I'm not a huge fan of music, generally. I played the trumpet for many years and was in the orchestra and the marching band, so I wasn't this way as a kid. I could totally live without both now. But I love TV shows.

2. Pizza is my very favorite food, always. Crab rangoon is a close second. I hate how much I love crab rangoon.

3. I don't like looking into parked cars. I'm really weird in that I attempt to keep my car spotless (this is a fruitless effort much of the time but #neverthelessshepersisted), so I don't like to see clutter and trash in other cars.

4. I fall into a bit of a depression every year when football season is over, after the Super Bowl. This year, the Steelers didn't even make it to the playoffs so I felt it earlier than normal.

5. I think carbonara is one of the most disgusting foods out there. I can't even stand to look at it.

6. I'm not one to get weird or mad about toilet paper. I don't care how it's on the roll. I don't care if it's on the roll at all. Literally, as long as I remember to buy it and it's in the bathroom, I'm fine. This is how I know that even though I will (likely literally) cut a person for walking across my floors in dirty/wet shoes, I'm not Type A.

7. I don't like donuts and definitely "do-nut" understand what's so special about them. The only time I've had a donut in the last 10 years has been at the occasional staff meeting and I always end up with some sort of blood sugar crash within the hour. We'll never be a family who goes out for donuts and that's fine.

8. I know that saying this means I'll get sick sooner rather than later, but I haven't been sick in over a year. Pregnancy boosted my immune system, if anything. And not ever going anywhere or seeing anyone helped this past fall too.

9. I am of the opinion that some of the best TV is the genre of crime dramas from about 2004 to 2010. Think: Law and Order, Criminal Minds, Without a Trace, Cold Case, etc from that date range. Before that, TV drama was lame. After that, it was all downhill. If you need a recommendation, try Moonlight. Vampires AND crime.

10. Back to food...I cannot stand Nutella. I don't get the appeal. It tastes like stale chocolate to me.


  1. I agree with you about nutella. Never understood the love for it. I'd rather have other chocolate.

  2. Pizza is a top favorite food for me, and I never eat anything with Nutella. It's especially popular here, but it's a no from me. I don't mind music but I pretty much never would turn it on myself, Angel turns it on at home. Even when I put the toilet paper roll on myself, I don't even notice if it's going under or over...

  3. I’ve never had carbonara so I had to look it up and yeah, that sounds weird.

    I like Nutella but I can’t eat it...soy. Story of my life.

    I don’t understand the donut craze either. I’ll eat them, but I don’t go out of my way to buy them. Honestly the last time I had a donut was when someone brought a dozen to my (former) job. So, like, over a year and a half ago. But, really...if you eat a donut and don’t Instagram it, did you really even eat it??

    Over/under toilet paper rolls don’t bother me, either. I never pay attention to how I’m putting it on the holder.

    Re: Crime dramas, I’m currently watching The Innocent Man. It’s biased, of course, as all crime documentaries are, but it’s still interesting (albeit a smidge slow).

  4. First time I had Nutella was in Europe - apparently it's a different recipe over there, because I had some when I came back and couldn't stand it.

  5. Oh pizza is my absolute favorite. I could eat it for every meal just about. Also, I get what you are saying about parked cars. This actually makes me want to go outside and start cleaning the inside of my car ha ha! I am a huge fan of all of the crime dramas you shared!


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