October 25, 2018

Stuff and Things 10/25

+Believe it or not, I meant to write a post yesterday or Tuesday or something. You can tell exactly what kind of weekend I had by the number of blog posts the following week. I prep them over the weekend if I feel productive.

+I fell down a rabbit hole reading about Rachel Hollis online and see the link below for an interview she did. I didn't listen to the whole thing because it was one big humble brag, but it's an hour+ if you have the time.
What stuck out to me was that she mentions that it's an issue to her that we raise women to chase men. ...isn't that what she did? She actually DIGS at her 35 year old fans who have followed this narrative. I would've thought she'd at least be sheepish enough to say No worries, I did it too! but no.  (28:00 min mark)

Also, I was wrong about her being an Upholder. She's an Obliger who turned herself into an Upholder. If you know anything about the Four Tendencies, you know that you can't change your tendency. No wonder she was so sick. That's like in the fourth Twilight book when Bella turned into a vampire. It didn't go well.

+Scott's sister and her boyfriend sent Wells a hat.

+Wednesday is usually the day I get the most done around the house because Scott is in class for like 10 hours. It's also the day I have to take the baby if I want to take the dogs for a walk. Luckily, we've had good weather this week. Yesterday I took the dogs and the stroller, together, for the first time. Wells is at a weird size where he's too big for the infant insert in the Ergo and just a little too small, I think, for the Ergo alone. This 2+ mile stretch along the Laramie River is the one I walked with the dogs while I was super pregnant because it has a bathroom along it and it's one where I don't have to worry about the dogs being off-leash. There's very few places like that, that are also stroller-friendly.

+I had big plans (always) to make some more complicated products for Teachers Pay Teachers this week. I didn't. But I did finish this one that I started on Saturday. It's an organizer for independent work time during small groups/centers. There's 15 or so different examples, so there's some variety in there. This is what I would've used while teaching if I'd ever had the time to create during the school year.

+I've been dislike-reading a ton of stuff on the internet lately. Dislike-reading is kinder than hate-reading, right?
But I've noticed those confession posts that aren't actually confessions are popping up again. Saying you can't believe Halloween is next week...not a confession. Me saying that I watch America's Next Top Model all weekend because I'm by myself with a baby all weekend IS a confession because I wouldn't exactly admit that to anyone I met on the street (whereas you can say "I can't believe Halloween is next week!" to anyone).

Season 14 of ANTM is really good, by the way.

+While we're at confessing, I melted a bottle collar in the dishwasher, I keep post-it notes with tasks I've already completed on the fridge because it makes me feel good about myself, and I almost paid $200 for reformer Pilates classes (before I realized that was dumb because 10 weeks of classes is pointless when I don't even know if we'll be here for 10 more weeks...semester ends December 14th...and also I don't care to spend that much money on something so unnecessary right now.)

I wondered why the house smelled like the chemical make-up of plastic when I got home.

Also, I want this shirt.


  1. I burned a knife in my dish washer last week - didnt even know that was possible!!!
    That hat is the cutest thing ever!!!! Your little man wears it well.
    I just cant even do anything else with Rachel Hollis - I found I even had to delete her from my IG because she popped up in my stories & I just rolled my eyes instantly & was like NOPE - & swipe - & then was like, why am I even following her at all? NOPE. haha. maybe its just fun to not like her? :) haha

  2. I signed up for that Rachel thing and haven't even looked at the emails. Oops!

  3. The baby genius with the fox hat! He is so serious in all of your photos!
    Great observation about her changing her tendency correlating with illness. Also, true about fake confessions - it’s become another term that bugs me like “literally”!

  4. I have burned a few things in the dishwasher. You are not alone!

  5. Oh my goodness, that hat!!! So adorable!

  6. The "I'm giving my opinion" shirt made me LOL! Love that so much haha.

    I also love your sort of hatred for Rachel Hollis. I checked her book out once, never got around to reading it and have added it back to my waitlist but am still waiting because the waitlist is ridiculous so I've wondered if it's worth the hype and if SHE HERSELF is worth the hype. I feel like I'll share your opinions on this topic and that makes me a bit more excited to dive into her book. haha

    Also, Wells and that hat. Oh my gosh, my heart burst <3 SO cute!


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