September 28, 2018

5 Friday Favorites

I really meant to write a post for yesterday (it was half done), but then I had a rough start to the day and then after the gym, I attempted to go back to sleep and that didn't work and by the time I "got up" again, I got pulled into the Kavanaugh hearings and...8 hours later, remembered I should think about what exactly I was going to do with my Thursday.

I did nothing with my Thursday. I read Twitter and that was it.

But I'm coming up with 5 favorites to share today. I can't say I have had the best week but I feel, overall, I have little to complain about so here we are:

1. It took everything I had to go to a Pilates class at 6am yesterday. But, we did reformers so it was worth it.

2. Watching America's Next Top Model on Hulu has been like drowning in the world of early reality TV. I originally watched the series in reruns on E! when I was in college (2008ish), but Hulu shows you the actual original air dates so it is definitely a blast from the past because season one was filmed in 2003.
I want to say that what it has really done is make me think about how STUPID The Bachelor franchise really is. These are the only two reality TV shows I've ever watched, and ANTM is competition-based with actual skill. There are no fake boobs and there's no fakeness in general because that is what gets you kicked off. It's a show about wanna-be models, sure, but it has so much more depth than The Bachelor. People literally just go on The Bachelor to attempt to become "famous".

3. I finally ordered prints of some baby pictures.

(Not the watermarked ones..those just happen to be in the album.)

4. Real clothes! I know if I had a job, I'd have been in real clothes much sooner than this, but I'm slowly starting to figure out what I want to keep from my old wardrobe and what needs to be replaced and what I should just give up (like 7 Target t-shirts, none of which were ever that flattering).
Bettona Jeggings are Athleta, jacket is from 2011 and I will never part with it, shirt is new from Old Navy, boots are BareTrap from last year.

There is a baby in the background somewhere. 

5.  And....

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  1. I'm pretty sure I'd hang myself or rip some sort of ligament on one of those pilates contraptions :)

  2. I tried Pilates last week and hated it. It could have just been the instructor, but I wasn't feeling it. I prefer yoga with incorporated core work. I DO want to try that machine though!

  3. Now I know that those crazy looking machines are called reformers. I've seen them at my gym but had NO IDEA what their name was. They're very intimidating!!

  4. Can't say I've ever heard of a Reformer. Looks like an interesting contraption!
    The Pumpkin Swap looks fun. Maybe next year...


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