August 28, 2018

Fall Clothes. It's been too long.

I haven't bought clothes in so long.

Last winter, I bought a few things that were maternity-friendly..hoodies...swing dresses...leggings. All clearance from Old Navy and Gap. In the spring, I bought a few more things...last-trimester-friendly dresses and some shorts. Since then, I've bought about five $6 workout tanks at Wal-Mart. Usually, I'd just pick up one a week on my grocery run. They got me through the summer and now they, along with all the maternity dresses, leggings, and shorts are PACKED AWAY because I'm so done with wearing the same eleven things day after day. I refuse to give up these t-shirts though. They'll be great for working out or over leggings now that they're loose-fitting. 

But now. The world of possibilities has opened up. 

I think I'll make a trip to Ft. Collins soon-ish and get a few pieces like jeans or tops for fall (I haven't worn a pair of jeans since October...just to give you some context) and winter, especially because anywhere we move this winter is going to be a wintery climate and I'd like to be prepared. Also, I have my eye on some new outer wear at Sierra Trading Post because this will be a Wyoming winter and not one of those weird warm Colorado ones. In addition, Wells will need some winter clothes like a snowsuit, etc. 

The top, the skirt, and the necklace. The shoes and bag aren't really for me. 

The jeans, the plaid, and the vest. 

I was thinking about these jeggings but I don't know if I want to spend $150 on ordering 3 sizes to try because I have no idea what will fit. The nearest American Eagle is like 2+ hours away.

Truthfully, I've been out of the shopping game for what seems like a year now. Tell me what fall pieces you're buying. What do I need??? 


  1. I love these pieces! I just bought a few new pairs of jeans from Old Navy and I love them.

    1. What style do you like? I haven't tried their jeans in years.


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