August 1, 2018

Currently (for August)

Following...Ben Shapiro and Matt Walsh on Twitter. I have a lot of spare daytime hours these days (you know, while the baby sleeps and then we're all up all night), so I tend to watch their shows each day online.

Ordering...I'm putting together a post on baby items you NEEEEEEEEEED to have and things we use allllllllllllll the time, just three weeks into this parenting thing. Something I've ordered recently because I realized we needed more of them ASAP:

Changing pad liners. We go through a couple a day, so it was getting annoying to wonder where the extras were..washer, dryer, laundry basket, etc...and was worth our while just to order some more.

Pinning...I've been meaning to make these lactation brownies for a week. But the energy output required is not what I currently have stored up, so I haven't. They look really good, though. 
But I've had a lot of spare time on my hands otherwise, so here's some funny things I've found lately:

Watching...Castle Rock. Well, we started it last week. I generally don't like scary shows but seeing Mickey drew us in.

That is my favorite episode in all of Shameless. 

Speaking of...Shameless season 8 is on Netflix now. I really dropped the ball on the real-time version this past winter, so I'll be catching up. This, honestly, might be one of my favorite shows ever. 

I don't know what I'm counting, to be honest. Now that I'm not pregnant anymore, I suppose I'm counting down to that clearance to work out again. I miss Pilates and yoga a lot and walking is great but not stretching and moving the way I'm used to is annoying. I go back to the doctor today for a 3-week post-partum visit and I'm hoping I can start some post-natal yoga very soon. I do lay on the floor on my back and do a few basic stretches because holy shoulder tightness...feeding/holding a baby will really tense you up. 

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