June 11, 2018


...but not like *really* weekending because I'm a full time dog-mom now and this is my life.

And let's say that I realized I actually don't sleep in the summer because Jett is up at the crack of dawn, literally poking me with his paw because he wants to go outside and then Scout starts whining because he wants to eat. It's been a long few days without Scott here and I think I'll be ready for a baby at this rate. 

This needed to be washed anyway, so I might as well let them sleep on it.

Anyway. I wrote a whole post about it that I didn't publish (because hormones and traumatic and all that), but Scott and I decided that I should just stay in Laramie with the dogs while he deals with Colorado on the weekends. The mental toll of going back and forth is just too much for me and I'm slightly useless when it comes to remodeling anything right now.

I've been working on getting the house together and walking the dogs twice a day and attempting to do some freezer/batch cooking and just generally chipping away at my to-do list.

This was the first weekend I spent here with the dogs...

Since we don't have all of our furniture here, we have two queen beds that are normally our guest beds. One has been a laundry basket/gun rack for the last 6ish months. My goal this weekend was to make the master bedroom actually be serviceable as a bedroom so I can stop living out of a suitcase/laundry basket.

Where we've been sleeping is actually a guest room, so now we have options, which is super exciting. The master bedroom is also right next to the baby's room, and I assume that'll be a better location to actually sleep in, rather than on the other side of the house.

While I don't want any baby to be born at 35 weeks on purpose, I know that the longer he takes, the less chance I'll have of being productive in the meantime, so let's cross our fingers for 39-40 weeks, okay?

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  1. Freezer meals SAVED me the first week after having Imogen. Isaiah was awesome at cooking, too, but it was so nice to just have something to throw in the oven when we were both exhausted.

    I worked up until 3 weeks before Imogen was born (was supposed to be 2 weeks but she thought being born at 41 weeks would be better) and it was SO NICE to just be able to get things done I wanted to do around the house before she came. I'm glad you're done with school and can just "relax" (ha) until he's born!

  2. Fingers crossed you get the week that you want 😉

  3. Maybe your pups know about the baby and their prepping you for early mornings :)

  4. Oh friend, I can imagine it's super tough to find some semblance of a routine. Wishing you lots of comfort and peace!

    1. My routine literally revolves around keeping the dogs amused. Priorities, right?

  5. Omg are your dogs the cutest or what? Good luck tackling that to-do list--you're a rockstar.

  6. Here is hoping you find a routine!


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