June 25, 2018

Weekending, 6/25

This weekend looked a lot like last weekend.

Just lots of dog time.

I finished what I can finish of the baby's room. Scott just needs to hang a few things up for me. I'm still waiting on a piece of furniture for the room that is currently in use in Colorado, so that might be awhile. I finally ordered a glider and this 10pm decision was spurned on last night by the fact that we don't have much furniture in this house yet so I don't know that I'll be able to get away without one.  I did get a bassinet for our room and the carseat is installed which makes me feel a lot better. Now, at 37 weeks, I've switched from What might a baby need? mode to WHAT WILL I DO WITH HIM AS SOON AS HE COMES HOME? mode. Thinking in real, practical ways, instead of just dwelling on wants or what ifs. Anyway. Somehow this turned into an unfinished nursery update?

I know we're not the first people to not have the nursery done by D-Day and I'm actually fine with that because I don't know what we'll need/won't need at this point. Something I'm insistent on might end up being completely unnecessary.  The rest of the house isn't done either, but it's good enough for now. And, truly, I would rather bring a baby into a house that's 3/4 moved into instead of taking one home to the Colorado house (I'm pretty over that whole state right now).

And can we just say that this getting-ready-to-have-a-baby thing is getting expensive? I never realized how much you actually needed to pack in a hospital bag when you don't know how you're going to feel or what your circumstances are going to be like. Like slippers? Or a robe? I don't have those things! (Now I do, though.)

However, I will be the first to say that I have bought NO clothes for this baby (aside from one personalized onesie) because my mother has sent everything newborn/0-3 months that we own. She even asked if he had a jacket (which made me think In July???), so she's gotten that too. I can't even. Grateful does not even begin to describe it.

I took the dogs for a hike Friday morning, Saturday morning, and Sunday morning. It's supposed to be warm today so we'll have to get out there early. I told Scott last week that I may have only one more week of dog-walking in me, because the ligament pain is starting up again. Bending over is getting to be annoying. The dogs stay with me in Wyoming for multiple reasons (Scott is busy, Colorado is dangerous, etc...), but the deal is that they need to get walked at least once a day. I usually do twice, but on Saturday they tricked me into three walks.

That was more or less the weekend. I've spent a lot of time reading and a lot of time on Twitter lately.

 I saw this and thought it was really funny:

And a dog-walking tip: Instead of buying a fancy collapsible bowl to dispense water during long walks/hikes, just use a tupperware container. The lid goes right back on, so there's no mess in your car or backpack.

They won't sit still long enough for a picture. Oh well. 

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