May 7, 2018

Monday Memes

3 more Mondays, including today. 
I spent most of the weekend battling Jett for my pillow/side of the bed at night and most of the days just packing things up and trying to organize what I could. 
I also got a pedicure at an all-natural spa, in an attempt to avoid all the fumes from acrylics.
And I spent most of Saturday grading papers because I had a lot of grades to update/enter.
All very exciting things.

Here's a collection of funny/true things I've found on the internet lately. 

This is the last week for grades. I've already given out 3 extra credit assignments this quarter. I have about a 20% return rate on those. I know a parent will ask me for extra credit this week (not a kid, a parent). I just know it. 

I'm on season 9 for maybe the 4th time in the last couple of years. I don't have the energy to invest in anything new so I'll probably just start over again when it's done. 


  1. These are so accurate, it's almost scary.
    The how I die one made me snort. THAT ONE THERE! haha. Dang dogs.

  2. These are all hilarious. Teachers deserve so much more than what they're currently paid. We just went to my son's kindergarten graduation last week and the level of dedication and love from all the teachers is so heartwarming. You all work so hard and totally deserve an amazing salary! I love kids but honestly I don't know that I would have the patience lol.

  3. I started The Office a couple weeks ago. I have never watched it. I have seen so much stuff about it though, that I know a lot about it. I'm on season 6. I really don't watch much tv, but every once in a while, I feel like I should get with it.

  4. Oh don't you just love extra credit parents. It's like make your kid do it the first time.

  5. I literally did that with netflix all week in bed... looked for new things - always go back to the same shows.
    you have to let us know if a parent asks for the extra credit. lol

  6. I'll take that glorified babysitter rate, please! This year has been my case, mostly because of the people in charge not the kids.

    Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!

  7. Hahaha these are all so accurate!

  8. beautiful photos, filled with love and inner warmth, so nice to see such a gentle pair of people


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