April 30, 2018

Weekend Things 4/30

If I don't document this incredibly stressful time, I'll be sad later on, as PCSes are a memorable time, so here we are...

+On Thursday, I packed up my car before work (actually I do this in small steps throughout the week so as to not wear myself out), and I left at noon for a doctor's appointment. I got a TDAP shot and a Rhogam shot and discovered that I'd gained 4 more pounds. This TDAP shot would come back to get me later because by the next day, I couldn't lift my arm and any kind of painting or manual labor was not in the cards for me.

+I drove to Wyoming and settled in for half the weekend. Scott had class Friday and I just unpacked things and painted a bit with the brush to finish the kitchen. I did not get to the massive yellow wall I'd so desperately wanted to tackle.

+The 1,000 foot elevation change is something I really feel when I go to Wyoming. It takes me a few days to adjust each time (it took me monthssss to adjust to Colorado, coming from Missouri). So I wore myself out by walking the dogs and then just sat and read for a chunk of Friday instead.

+Scott went to see The Avengers with two friends on Friday night. They're international students and really into those kind of movies and I more or less refused to go. I, the one who set a movie-seeing goal for 2018, skipped out on the movie because I would rather not meet my goal than go see The Avengers. 

+Saturday morning, Scott headed back to Colorado early. We had busted a pipe (he and the tractor had, that is) last weekend and he needed to get back to fix it at the earliest opportunity. I headed back as well, because there wasn't much I could do in Wyoming without things to unpack or someone to help me with manual-labor-like tasks.

+I stopped at Costco, making THREE separate trips into the building because I kept forgetting what I initially went there for (this is going to be a long couple of months).

+I spent the rest of the weekend packing things up and prepping for another week. I'm attempting to make list after list so I don't forget things. Simple things like remember Mother's Day or reordering a prescription or taking off half a day for an appointment. Because I will forget otherwise.

After today there are three more Mondays and this is the last full week of Scott having to be away so those are good things. Here's something funny...I despise the Kardashians but something about Kanye just tugs at my heartstrings. He reminds me of Scout. Jett listens so well. Scout is kind of a jerk.

Also, the ultimate first-world problem. 


  1. If I don't make lists for myself, I will absolutely forget to do things!

  2. I'm not pregnant and I forget all that all the time .Guess it'll get worse for me then, ha!

    Enjoy your last month of being a teacher :)

  3. I make lists upon lists now. It's the only way I can figure things out, after having 3 kids. And I used to pride myself on my memory.

  4. I'm all about making lists, it's amazing how much it helps.

  5. 3rd trimester forgetfulness is REAL. And so, so annoying. I wish I could say it gets better but I make lists constantly because otherwise...


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