April 5, 2018

Stuff and Things 4/5

+I'm really trying to work in some IG stories lately. I will say that my day-to-day, when working, gives me nothing to share. When I'm with my dogs, I have a ton to share. I can't really share my school life, and unless you want to see me taking walks through the fields, or doing yoga, or sitting on the couch drinking a smoothie, my evenings are quite dull.  Also, my IG will stay private until I'm officially done working and out of the schools for a bit.

+25 plus weeks.

And because I can't hide real life, all the stuff behind me is what's going to Wyoming on my next trip there. 

+Vitamins. I read somewhere that folate is better in your prenatal vitamins than folic acid is. Well, I bookmarked that a year ago and when I started taking prenatals again back in November (I'd taken them for the last 4 years but gave up and stopped last fall), I bought some fancy ones with methylated folate. And yeah, they were good for awhile, but then the taste and consistency became so off-putting after a month or so that I couldn't do it anymore. It was an actual chore to chew up these 6 gummies each day. I went back to whatever I could find at the grocery store and I'm much happier. Folic acid or whatever, prenatals are prenatals, right? The doctors offer the ones (for free through Tricare) with folic acid, so seriously, it can't actually be bad for you. Also, maybe I read too many healthy living blogs.

+Peanut butter. I love this Maple Peanut Butter. I discovered it a few years ago and it just has such a great flavor and consistency. It, as a bonus, gets me to eat more apples.

+This is literally what is wrong with our world. 20 Totally Brand-New Baby Girl Names No One Else Will Have. 

+Arie and Lauren posted a fake pregnancy announcement for April Fools' Day. As my coworker said, "They would do that". And yeah, they're the type. The responses on Twitter were great though.
As if he (or she) needed to give anyone else a reason to dislike them. Literally, no one likes them anyway. I get that maybe (maybe) people can be overly sensitive about these types of "jokes" (as infertility makes you sad about a lot of things, not just stupid peoples' stupid April Fools' jokes), but if there were ever a couple who would legitimately make this joke and/or think it was funny...it'd be these two morons. And again, no one likes them anyway.

This is probably my favorite video/gif on the internet ever and if anything ever described Arie and Lauren, this is it. 

+Basketball is over, thank goodness. The only thing worse than professional baseball is basketball (I understand I'm in the minority here). 

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  1. i like IG stories but yeah my life is boring too. especially during the day. cats and books are all i really have to share lol.
    i guess my thoughts on the matter are plenty of women were fine with folic acid before any news came out about folate, you know? i take a raw one right now and it has folate instead of folic acid, i must have read the same thing you did but i'm thinking about stopping soon because it's getting expensive and tedious when there's no reason to take it.
    honestly, i stayed mostly off social media on april fools because of those kind
    of jokes. i don't get crazy upset, but it's a little salt-in-the-wound-ish.
    i am with you in that minority, basketball is so boring. and also with you on loving that gif.

  2. I currently take 800... migrograms of folic acid because my RE told me recent evidence suggests taking 800 is better than 400. She's never mentioned folate and I wouldn't even know where to find that here so I guess I'm fine continuing with folic acid.

    I don't know who Arie and Lauren are, but pregnancy is not an April Fool's joke and only a fool would think it is.

  3. Shut up - I missed that stupid April fools joke - who DOES that anymore posting a fake PG announcement? Grow up! UGH... Yep, makes me dislike them EVEN more.

    Your bump!!! Cue all the swooning

  4. i took folic acid when i was preggo and they were fine. sometimes too much information is confusing, amirite?

  5. I'm glad March Madness is over, too! My husband doesn't really get into NBA or baseball of any kind, so I won't have to deal with any sports until football season rolls back around.

  6. I love March Madness! The victory parade is going by my office in about a half hour.

    Why are people so freaking stupid with their idiot April Fool's "jokes?"

    You look great!

  7. Of course Arie & Lauren did that. Of course they did. Normally I'm the first to roll my eyes over people getting easily offended, but joking about pregnancy is in bad taste and just not cool.

  8. I've read a bunch of articles about prenatals and which ones were better and which were more easily absorbed and the like but there's only one prenatal vitamin that I can actually buy in this country so I was fine with that for a couple years until I was actually pregnant and it made me throw up within an hour every time I took it. My doctor's advice was, "Hmmm, well then maybe you can ask a friend to send you some different prenatals from the USA because there's really nothing else I can suggest." So that's what I did.
    That baby girl name article....weird. "Furiosa" was the one that made me laugh out loud.

  9. I totally agree with the baseball/basketball comment!

  10. Those two are complete morons! I'm not surprised that they made that joke.

  11. First of all, Ive been MIA from blog world lately and totally missed your pregnancy announcement!!! Congratulations!! You are looking great and yes, prenatals are all good whatever they have in them as long as they aren't making you sick or feel icky. Arie and Lauren are just annoying, and you're right, they WOULD be the ones to do something like that. I'm still waiting on their breakup announcement.

  12. Look at your bump! Oh my gosh, all the little heart eyes! <3

    And pregnancy april fools pranks.... they just anger me. I have not nice words now, so I'm gonna stop here :)

  13. So folic acid is the synthetic version of folate, but it’s better metabolized by the body, hence why most prenatals have that in it. It’s totally fine in a prenatal because it’s not in an excess amount. (That’s when it can be an issue, but that’s true with any one specific nutrient, really). Folate is the better one since it’s naturally occurring, but the synthetic blended with the other components of the vitamin still works. You can always up you’re intake of spinach, broccoli, beans. Those all have high natural folate if you feel like you need more on top of what you’re getting in the vitamin. 😊

  14. I finally remembered to follow your IG! And I need to find that peanut butter.

  15. You look great! I hope you are feeling well!
    I think that is quite possibly the worst April Fool's "joke" ever and I can't believe people do it. It isn't a joke.


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