March 20, 2018

Mid-March already(?)

+How does one even title weekend posts? This is ^ the best I could come up with.

+The weird part about blogging is that you want to document the happy and the good and interesting. Documenting the mundane is fine too. Documenting the uncertain, to me, is the hardest part of blogging.

+This is mostly the mundane and the uncertain. The farther we get into the school year, the harder Mondays get. Honestly, what's so hard about them is knowing that I have so much to accomplish in the next 8 weeks, professionally and personally, and then it's time for an official PCS to Wyoming and I break down at least once each weekend, just thinking about how much I *want* to do over the next couple of months. I won't bore you with the details but, I swear, I go day-to-day most weeks.

+I will also not lie and say I am very disappointed that I don't have The Bachelor to distract me from the new week's beginning anymore. It was blissful relief this past winter to just lose myself in nothingness on Mondays (and then finish it on Tuesdays because I would literally have to go to bed before the show was over).

+Scott was on spring break last week so he made it his mission to get allthethings done around the property. I'll give him this: he got a lot done.

+He bought a tractor and went to work. Pictures to follow...

+We are trying to sell the Nissan truck on Craigslist (if you know anyone who is interested in Colorado...).

+We are trying to get our house ready to sell. We're also trying to pack everything and get it to Wyoming in phases instead of all at once. This resulted in a major mid-week fail in which a snowstorm in Wyoming closed all the roads to Laramie and Scott just had to turn around and come back with a load of furniture.

+On Thursday, Scott encountered a grassfire on his way home from somewhere (probably Lowe's) and the sheriff wouldn't let him through, so they just watched the "fire tornado" from a safe distance.

+Most fires are caused by artillery training on the army base.

You might say that maybe the army base should stop doing live-fire training during the dry and windy days....however...the army base was here before any houses were. It was Camp Carson during WWII. People just happened to build neighborhoods all around the base. This may not be a problem at other bases, but it's perpetually dry and windy here. (Any fire that would get to us out in the middle of nowhere would be from something stupid like an idiot burning trash or a lightning strike or a cigarette...we're too far from the base for their fires to hit us and if they did, well, Colorado Springs would have bigger problems at that point as everyone else's houses would've already burned down.)

With brigades constantly gearing up for deployments, the artillery practice is going on almost every day (we can hear it at our house) and there's at least one fire every week. But they are literally doing their job and what they are supposed to be doing to keep our country secure, so it's a real dilemma concerning if you can get mad at the base. After all, they were there first and the neighborhoods came later. And the soldiers have to train, fire weather or no fire weather.

Anyway. That was the first half of the weekend. Fire weather causing us to worry and plan and mitigate. Nothing new about that.

Other things...

I did a lot of cleaning, per usual. Some cooking. I really feel like baking cookies, but that seems like a trap I don't need to fall into right now.

This quinoa mango salad was quite good.

And this is how I trick myself into eating vegetables:

I covered this with tomato butter sauce. 

And, I had trouble putting this book down over the weekend. Scott bought me Prairie Fires by Caroline Fraser back in November. I started it but didn't get very far because I wasn't in a non-fiction place (or a reading place, to be honest). When I really got into it last week, I realized OF COURSE I LOVE IT. It's a non-fiction account of the Little House books. It has some interesting tidbits I haven't read before (the Ingalls and the Wilders spent all their time, seemingly, running from debt) and their unsettledness makes me feel better about my own life. 

So that was the weekend. I have four more days until spring break and spring break means I will hopefully get a paint some rooms in Wyoming (gray, of course). 
And hey, at least it's Tuesday. Maybe tonight I'll be motivated to have something other than cereal for dinner?


  1. The Prairie Fires book sounds fascinating! Gradually moving all your stuff to the Wyoming home definitely sounds like a good idea as opposed to trying to do it all at once--moves are never a piece of cake!

  2. Oh friend. The uncertain is my least favorite ever. Reading this post, I'm suddenly transported to the beginning of 2013 just waiting. Waiting for our separation to be over (not legal separation, I might add--though you know this). Waiting for it to be time to start packing. Waiting for the job I couldn't stand to be over. Just...a lot of waiting. I'm totally with you in spirit. I was on SUCH a good reading kick at the start of the year--and now it's been weeks since I picked up a book. I should fix that.

  3. we had to do that (partial moving a bit at a time) and it was a pain driving back and forth!

  4. I feel you on the Mondays. There seems to be a TON to accomplish by the end of the school year, and I'm not anticipating a move, so I can understand why it's that much more overwhelming.

  5. All the complaining I've seen about the Ft Carson Midway fires... goodness people are so clueless and just dumb sometimes. "Why would they continue to shoot in a drought?!" uhh... seriously, bro?!
    Today's world... people today.... ugh.

  6. It's hardest for me to blog from an uncertain place too.

  7. I wanna know about your truck :P Can it pull a camper trailer?

  8. You'll get done what you can, when you can. Be sure to enjoy your last spring break! :)

  9. The fire tornado is super cool. i'd be a storm chaser if I could... tornados infatuate me!!!
    I have to admit, I was a little lost on Monday too

  10. The older I get and the more I read about Laura Ingalls Wilder's life, the more pissed off I get at Pa for being a peripatetic disaster.

  11. That fire tornado is crazy!!! It's like El Paso, fires happened constantly because of training.


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