March 7, 2018

Currently (a link-up): March 2018

Planning...on going back to Friday Favorites (and gratefulness) now that The Bachelor is over and The Bachelorette doesn't start for a few months. My thoughts on the finale(s) are many, but that's coming up on Friday. 

Seeing...these shoes that look like something I might want to wear this spring/summer. Thoughts?

Also, I really like these:

Making....some variation of this sheet pan dinner every other week or so. I usually do chicken sausage, a sweet potato, red potatoes, and chickpeas. Sometimes green beans, but I've noticed I buy green beans and then don't use them before they start to go bad so I've stopped buying them. Also, broccoli has given me nothing but heartburn for the last few months so I just stopped trying with that. 

Pretending...We're not moving, having a baby, trying to sell a house, and somehow I also need to pack up my entire classroom and get all the boxes home...all within the next 3-4 months. This is such the definition of unsettled and I try not to think about it. We also have to get a storage unit, sell one or two vehicles, and start deciding what furniture we want to sell (we have some extra couches, etc). And I need to paint some rooms in this new house because yellow walls are a deal-breaker and no one (out of Scott and our dogs) seems to take this yellow-wall-problem seriously, so I'll have to do it myself. 

Wearing...I did order this shirt (it's on sale) in two colors and it was a great purchase. I recommend it. I'd size down.

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  1. I have to stop myself from making a sheet pan meal every week. Chick peas are a good idea. I normally do bell peppers, some onion, and potatoes. Occasionally I will do zucchini and squash but sometimes they get mushy and gross. I need new sneakers but they are so hard to choose online!

  2. I really need to find some sheet pan recipes to try! And I love those first shoes; so cute.


  3. Its ok, I live most of my life in denial. Haha
    Those pink shoes are the cutest. Ive almost picked similar ones up a half dozen times

  4. i really like those shoes! i end up wearing sneakers a lot in the spring/summer and i wouldn't mind some cuter options. i am awful with using green beans so i use canned or frozen when we do use them. i am very intrigued by your addition of chickpeas to that sheet pan, i never thought of doing that for some reason. that tee is only $15?! i think i need it. when you size down is it fitted? i like really loose tops so i am tossing up between my size (M) or sizing down to a small.

  5. Ooh love those pink shoes! I can see getting a lot of wear out of them. But then again I'm super into blush pink right now :) Also love the idea of having more sheet pan recipes in my repertoire - going to have to try that one for sure.

    Thanks for joining in!

  6. I've been making a variation of that same sheet pan dinner. I use veggies the kids like and we use it and rice and have bowls. So easy and I can make a lot and eat it for lunch.

  7. I can’t tell if those shoes are tan or light pink but either way they’re cute! I’ve been wanting something similar for a long time but Sitka.

  8. I love those first pair of shoes, so cute and they look comfortable!

  9. Girl, you have a lot on your plate! I wish you much luck!

    That sheet pan dinner looks interesting and easy! I may have to try it!

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  11. Totally pinned that sheet pan dinner. We are tired of EVERYTHING, and I’m all about simplicity with dinner these days since Ryder likes people to pay him attention. ;)


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