February 27, 2018

Recommendations Lately.

Some things that have worked for me lately...

This body wash
A hugely unpleasant side effect of pregnancy for me has been dry, painfully itchy skin. I blame the 6,500 feet above sea level altitude for part of it, but this is my fourth winter in Colorado and I never experienced it like this before. I know that shifting hormones are a lot of the problem. I usually stick to unscented body washes because sometimes the fun ones just make my skin drier and itchier, but I had to branch out and try new ones because Dove Unscented wasn't working for me anymore. This one by Aveeno is the best that I've found. If you suffer from winter skin issues, try it.

This lotion.
It is 100% unscented, smooth, and non-greasy. Perfect for dry skin. My mom gave me this, but it's really the best I've found in years.

Using actual medicine instead of oils/natural "remedies".
At some point, I picked up what seemed to be athlete's foot. Likely from a hotel back in December and my immune system was a mess that month anyway, so it makes sense. I went through two weeks of using tea tree oil, then did some AVC soaks, and it was a never-ending annoyance. I didn't want to buy any old medicine at the drugstore because I was still in my first trimester. (Medicine is something I've been pretty careful about. Caffeine is had daily.)
Finally, when I went to the doctor at the beginning of February, I asked her and she wrote me a prescription for an anti-fungal. She said anything topical is safe.
It cleared up completely in a few days but I put it on just to be cautious for over a week.
So sometimes, the natural remedies aren't worthy of the hype.

This post on Living Unoffended. 
I've been offended by a lot in the last year. Most of my current issues are friendship-related or feeling like I've been wronged professionally or taken advantage of in some way. The crazy hormonal mood swings that came along with the first trimester of pregnancy really just exemplified the problem of me being offended by everyone else's actions toward me.
However, when I read this post by Caroline on In Due Time, it made me think hard. I don't have the right to be offended by everything. I am not going to be holding my hope to the natural realm and believing everything is exactly how I see it in front of me, anyway. I believe there's more out there. So I need to see these offenses as opportunities to grow (and it's HARD to do) and just let things go instead of letting annoyances and resentments guide how I go about my days.
And again: This is HARD. I repeat "I do not have to be offended by xyz" multiple times a day sometimes.

The movie Game Night.
If you need a movie to see, I'd recommend Game Night. We went over the weekend and I thought it was really quite funny. I picked that one because of the cast...Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams, Jesse Plemons, Kyle Chandler....and there's an amazing cameo at the end that just made my heart soar. I won't spoil it for you.

What can you recommend lately???

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  1. Okay but I saw Game Night and I can't remember the cameo at the end.... remind me? Also I just kept whispering "Lance" to Andrew the whole time because surely Coach T would still not remember his name.

    I use Cerave moisturizer at night and it is so thick I can still feel it in the morning. I think that means it works! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Colorado was SO hard on my skin- I can't imagine it during pregnancy (although maybe I wouldn't have been so hot at least). Glad you found some things that are working for you!

  3. Finding dry skin relief is GOLD. I'm glad you have things to soothe you because it's the pits.

  4. I loved that post on being unoffended. I actually have a book about that topic that is still one of my favorites.
    I love all things Aveeno

  5. I cannot WAIT to see Game Night. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kyle Chandler, Jesse Plemons, and Jason Bateman and knowing that all three are in a movie together is enough for me to deal with people to go see it.

  6. My skin was ridiculous during pregnancy!!! I have dry skin anyway but goodness pregnancy just amplified it. I'm glad you were able to find something to help.

  7. I love that cast and Game Night will be the first movie I see as soon as I get Moviepass in... less than 2 days lol. I love Aveeno products but never tried that one, I'll have to check it out.

  8. I have fairly dry skin and I can't stand it when I'm somewhere at altitude/low humidity and it just gets out of control. I feel like I just want to bathe in a vat of moisturiser. I'm glad you found something that works! I think I can get Aveeno here so I'll have to check it out. I hope the itching calms down for good.

  9. Yeees for actual medicine. I'm such a hippie, but there's a time and place for natural remedies as well as "real" medicine. Like my daughter was sick last week - found out eventually it was a bad ear infection. My in-laws were in town giving us all the natural remedies, but eventually I took her in and got antibiotics, and she improved the next day.


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