February 5, 2018

Bulletpoints from the weekend

+Saturday, I had to open some windows. And then it was really cold on Sunday.

+Scott drove back from Laramie on Friday and got home around 11pm. I haven't been to Laramie since before Christmas because he's been rebuilding a transmission during the week there and wants to be here on the weekend to work on the truck with the missing transmission. I'm itching to get some things moved to and set up in Wyoming though, so as soon as the transmission is done, I'll probably start driving up there more often. We have this 7-prong approach (or maybe 17-prong, really) when it comes to transitioning to Laramie full-time and, unfortunately, due to #job, I can't really take part in that plan yet. I feel perpetually behind.

+In other (rather exciting) news:

Not bitter at all about the lack of Steelers' involvement in yesterday's game. 

Our ice-maker tray broke in 2015, and the gorilla glue holding it together only worked for so long. Scott ordered a new tray for it last week and, for $48 and 8 minutes, we could've solved this problem 2 1/2 years ago.
This was Saturday morning's conversation.

Scott: I'm fixing the ice-maker. You know, in case you want to have a SuperBowl party. I figured you'd want it.
Me: Oh, didn't I tell you there were like 7 people coming over for the SuperBowl?
Scott: Really?
Me: Eff, no. I'd lock the door if someone showed up on a Sunday night.
Scott: I know you would. Anti-social Kristin.
Me: I talk to people all day. I explain all day. I'm surrounded all day. I answer questions all day. I'm not anti-social.

We did have 6 or so people over last year, for the record. And I hosted a Superbowl party once in Alaska

+Also, my weekend mostly looked like this:

Sometimes I feel like I will never actually catch up. It's not like I don't work at work. Or I don't do anything during the week. I do.

Sometimes you come across a gem though.

+Other than that, I cleaned out the fridge, walked the dogs four times, and put away all of the winter decorations. This was the second consecutive weekend in which I did not leave the house/property and that's okay.

+As for the Super Bowl...I thought the halftime show was just fine (some people apparently thought it was pretentious? eh, just google it) and my dad bet me over 20 years ago that Justin Timberlake wouldn't "be around in a year". So I'm still winning that one.

Also, I feel like this was a nice triumph of good over evil, with the Philadelphia win. I never liked the Eagles because #Stillers, but I see now that a lot of that was me not liking Andy Reid because Doug Pederson seems like a great guy, as does their owner.

When it comes to the Patriots, I don't think I have a problem with the team itself. I don't like Bill Belichick and I don't like Tom Brady and I really don't like Gisele. However, what I don't like the most is the fact that the announcers are in the pocket of the Patriots. It's so blatantly obvious and sickening. I wanted the Eagles to win just so the announcers would have to change their narrative.

(I have more opinions on the NFL than I could ever have about politics and I think that is just fine.)

My friend from Texas sent me this and I just told her "You have no idea how true that is".

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  1. I don't follow football at all, and I don't even really understand it, but it was exciting that my hometown team took the win! I totally understand being around people all day every day at work and wanting to just be alone of weekends!

  2. I don't get all the hate for Justin. I think now people want the performers to bring out every celebrity they know.
    I don't get super bowl parties. Its a work,night. I'm not having people o er nor driving home at 11 or later when I'm up at 4:30

  3. I hated his performance. It put me to sleep.

    I saw a comedian on Friday night and she said basically the same thing as that Philly on fire meme (for the record, she was performing in Philly. It was really funny)

  4. I hosted a small gathering too, though my guests were more interested in the food than the game. I didn't think the Halftime show was pretentious, I just thought the sound sucked for the majority of it because there was just too much going on. And I didn't like that JT didn't respect Prince's wishes to never be made into a hologram. I hate that feeling of always being behind. Hopefully he finishes the transmission soon and you'll feel better after things start to move out. Good luck!

  5. 98% of the celebrations here are peaceful but the world eats up the 2% that aren't. Before I lived and worked in the city proper, I thought the same thing. That's not how it is. People are intense but are not harmful.

    I like when I don't have to talk to people because I spend a lot of time having to talk to them.

  6. It was nice seeing the Eagles win (to be hones I don't really care one way or another). We didn't have or go to a party, it was nice to just relax.

  7. The one Patriots fan that was supposed to show up cancelled bc of a dusting of snow we got so the entire party was cheering for the eagles. I also agree about the announcers...they need unbiased ppl!

  8. 1) I snorted at the disobey drawing! Excellent!
    2) I can so relate to your comment, "I talk to people all day. I explain all day. I'm surrounded all day. I answer questions all day. I'm not anti-social."
    3) Eagles win/lose meme... In WV, where I'm from, there is. university that is notorious for couch burning. Thing is, they do it win they win, they do it when they lose. They are not picky. That meme reminded me of them.
    4) I'm glad JT wasn't involved in another wardrobe malfunction like he was the last time he performed on the SB halftime show.

  9. I’ve never liked Philly either, but I will always root for any team playing against the Patriots. ALWAYS.


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