January 8, 2018

A quick recap

I hear it snowed on the east coast. Not here. ^Dogs with their kill. 

We got back to Colorado at 11:30pm on Wednesday night. This was because we left Pennsylvania on Tuesday morning, drove only to Richmond, Indiana because Scott was coming down with something (The flu? A chest cold? We still don't know.), and spent the night. The next morning, we left there at 7:30am and it was a pleasant 6 degrees out. I told him I was going to drive us home that day because I refused (refused) to unpack the dogs at a hotel for another night. He was skeptical, but he had to let me drive because he couldn't. He slept almost all day while I drove 14 hours straight. I listened to every downloaded episode of The Popcast that I had. We stopped for coffee, for gas, for lunch, for gas, for coffee, for gas...and then he drove the last two hours home. It was a good 16 hour day. I will say that the stretch between Colorado Springs and Topeka, Kansas is hellish. It's boring and it lasts forever and if you live there, I apologize for saying that. The only thing worse than western Kansas is probably eastern Colorado (they are exactly the same thing). And we actually gained time, driving west, so technically it was an 18 hour day.

I think I went to bed at 2am because I was unpacking and then couldn't sleep.

Thursday and Friday blended together, but I went through the car wash twice to get all of the east-coast salt and grime off of it (they don't use salt to combat snow/ice in this part of the country). Also, I cleaned out the inside and then went to the grocery store. Scott spent Thursday on the couch but, on Friday, he decided that he was going to use the weekend to replace the flooring in the guest room. I wasn't holding up my hands in protest as I'd been asking him to do this for almost 4 years but I thought it was an odd choice of timing, what with the fever and congestion.

But he ripped out the carpet and the padding and threw it in the landfill pile where it belongs. He bought this laminate, which is actually made of vinyl and finished most of the floor this weekend. We also plan to put it in the bathrooms. Hopefully I can post a finished picture soon. I think Scott was legitimately just looking for anything else, aside from carpet, to put on that floor. He really doesn't like installing carpet. That's 4 years of avoidance.

I took down Christmas decorations and did a dozen loads of laundry.

We watched a few episodes of Black Mirror and some of them are fascinating.

Sunday was hunting day for the dogs and I went to Target, got a haircut, and then made a quick run to the grocery store to prep for the week (sigh).

If anyone else feels like this ^ about Monday, it's okay. Jett does too. He refused to retrieve and hold the bird that he flushed out so Scott helped him get the feel for it. He was not happy. But I think that's the perfect Monday face.

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  1. Ugghhh.... I'm not a good traveler. Thank God for podcasts to get yoi through.
    Hope Scott is feeling better now

  2. I don't miss that Topeka to the springs drive. We'd always stop in Hays or Colby before that stretch into Colorado. The funny part of that trip was we had the tumbleweed game to keep us occupied (if one would go under the car, which they always did, we'd shriek with delight and look for the next one).

  3. I don't blame you for wanting to just get home. Driving any long distance is hellacious!

  4. I can't imagine a 14 hour drive! I'm used to wimpy UK distances where people suck in their breath at drives longer than 4h.

    No salt used here either, but that's because it never gets icy. Apparently that's the reason second hand cars hold their value so well here. May be an urban myth but road salt is nasty stuff.


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