January 29, 2018

3 Things (because other bloggers provide the best inspiration always)

Because if we can't get good ideas from other bloggers about what to read, eat, buy, and write, what can we get? Aside from friendship :) 
This came from both Jana and Rebecca

^^They're supposed to be hunting. Instead, they took a nap. 

3 foods I hate & refuse to eat
1. Salmon

2. Meatloaf
3. Hardboiled eggs and/or pickled eggs/beets

3 foods I love & eat more than I should
1. Chips. They've always been my favorite food. I have my favorites, of course, but generally just chips (not plain ones though).

2. Cereal. 
3. Pepsi. I've gone through phases where I've been able to cut out soda altogether. This is not one of those times. I just crave a good Pepsi all too often. 

3 chores I avoid until absolutely necessary
1. Cleaning the basement

2. Hanging up clothes in my closet
3. Mowing the field

3 chores I always do
1. Dishes. There's always so many dishes.

2. Vacuuming
3. Wiping off the counters. I can't function if the counters aren't spotless.

3 wardrobe staples
1. Leggings. 

2. Vests
3. Brown boots.

3 things I don't spend money on.
1. Salon haircuts #greatclipsforever

2. Anything on FB boutique sites/Craigslist/etc. I don't browse for things I don't need online.
3. I generally don't buy a lot of books. 

3 things I do spend money on
1. Pedicures
2. Purses
3. Good pens/planners

3 TV shows I frequently watch in reruns
1. The Office

2. Friday Night Lights (before they took it off of Netflix :(
3. Weeds

3 movies I love that might surprise you
1. Inglorious Bastards

2. 27 Dresses
3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

3 genres I generally don't read
1. Sci-Fi

2. Dystopia YA
3. Romance

3 things I'm looking forward to this year
1. Re-doing parts of the Wyoming house. 

2. Cleaning out and packing up my classroom (I'm just ready to condense my career into boxes and move on for now.)
3. Selling this house and condensing our life into one town. This year, I think, is all about prioritizing and condensing. 

Feel free to take this for your own post! Hope you had a relaxing weekend!


  1. Yep.. I never look in FB or Craigslist either... & then,hear of these amazing deals people get from there, I only see junk.

  2. I don't browse yard sale stuff. I do see it pop up sometimes though and then I will read it like wow people really buy anything LOL.

  3. Oh how I love cereal! It's usually my snack of choice at night haha.

  4. I'm the same with counters. It just unsettles my soul to see crumbs.

    Prioritising and condensing are excellent words. I hope they bode well for the year ahead.


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