December 11, 2017

Currently doing...12/11

First, I made some adjustments to my Christmas ???s post from the other day. This is why I don't blog on the fly...I always leave things out.
Namely (if you don't want to revisit the post), The Santa Clause is my favorite Christmas movie and Carol of the Bells is likely my favorite Christmas song. I have very strong opinions about these things so I needed to make that adjustment. I'm obviously not in the Christmas spirit as of yet if I didn't remember to get that all out there.

Whew. That's better.

Buying...Scott went hunting at 3am yesterday. This meant I couldn't fall back asleep. I found myself perusing a website and buying pencils and a sharpener that fall into the high-end category of office supplies.

I'll put them in my stocking.

Trying...a Hydro Flask bottle. I need something with a strong straw game because I need a straw. I don't really care about the keeping-it-cold feature or whatever. I need something with a reliable straw that doesn't swell and leak everywhere (i.e. not the worthless Camelbak). I got the 32 oz. wide mouth in navy and bought the straw lid and two straws came with that. I got it at the PX so it was slightly cheaper than the website I'm linking, but not by that much. 

Throwing away...I found this in the freezer. Scott tried this veggie burger last spring because he wanted one with more protein than the MorningStar brand. There were two in the pack. I couldn't stomach the smell of it cooking (never a good sign) and it was purple when it was done. It goes without saying that he never ate the other one so I threw it away on Saturday.

Drinking...I've been making lattes. I pulled out the milk foamer (we have three) and I heat up 1/2 cup of 2% with a splash of flavored creamer.

Watching...I knew there were new episodes of The Great British Bake-Off on Netflix but never felt like getting back into it. Something came over me and I watched the entire season (the 4th one on Netflix but it's from 2013) this weekend. Productive, right? Then, I watched a few Christmas movies while trying to climb out from under the pile of paperwork I'm always under. The Christmas Train was actually pretty good. I loved the cast.

Not from the British version...did you know that there's an American version of the Bake-Off on Thursday nights this month? MADE MY WEEK. 

Laughing at...I got Scott a (cheap and probably won't actually work) tracker for his keys because we spent two hours combing the yard for them a few weeks back. He found them in a pair of pants after we'd given up for good.

Weak set of goals for the week:
Buy stamps.
Address Christmas cards.
Mail Christmas cards. 
Maybe buy a few groceries. 

Have a "happy" Monday :)

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  1. I LOVE the British baking show!Looking up the American version now!

    1. I think it's ABC? I saw it when I was looking through the guide for Christmas movies, so I set it to record the series, but it might be on Hulu too!
      Paul Hollywood was on the first episode but I don't know if he's a regular.

  2. Heard so many amazing things about British Bake Off, my sister loves the show.

  3. I've only see a bit of the British Baking show, but I DID watch last week's American version which was fun! I love cooking shows, even though they always make me hungry. haha


  4. i also found a package of chicken in our freezer FROM A YEAR AGO #oops. needless to say, that went in the garbage and that really hurt because i hate wasting food :(

  5. Yes I watched the American version too! I was so happy to see Paul.


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