November 2, 2017

Stuff and Things 11/2

+November 2nd is a weird day for me. It's the day Scott left for Afghanistan back in 2009 and was the icy plunge into it's-time-to-grow-up for me. That was a hard four months (I laugh now...four months). Also that was pre-blog, so no link.

#TBT...right before he left for that October 24ish, 2009?

+I renewed the RAV4 registration last week. Two months late, so there was a late fee. Also, I had no orders, LES, or POA. I just paid full price. WHATEVER. I don't even care. The idea of getting all that paperwork together and going back to the DMV (on a school day at 4pm) was more daunting than paying the extra money. When you're an active duty soldier, you get a discount if you provide alllll the documentation. Well, Scott is in Wyoming. I am here. It's a Colorado vehicle and I just needed to get this done because, again, it was due in August. And without those Colorado orders (uh, he's in Wyoming now), we have no claim to Colorado, as we are Alaska residents (though maybe since we have a house here...? I don't know.)

And since he worked so hard to fix the RAV4 over the weekend with the intent of actually driving it, it needed to be legal.

+Halloween was...passable.

For the second time in three years, my coworker bought/made my costume for me. I literally just won't do it and she figured this out long ago. Last year, I ordered my own Power Rangers tshirt from Amazon so she didn't have to do that.

+I have this theory that people in Colorado are bit wimpy. You see, on the east coast, people are used to winter and they just kind of sludge through it. It's wet and humid snow, and muddy and gross but whatever. In Alaska, they relish it. They literally live for it so complaining, I learned, doesn't get you far. Here, people are very die-hard Colorado. They want the badge of honor that goes with living in Colorado and they assume that makes them tough. When it snows and when it's cold, they say, "What are you going to do? It's #ColoradoLife". However, when it does snow and when it is cold, they get very "Nooooo, it's cold" or "Nooooo, not snow" and the interstate will shut down and school will be canceled and life does not go on as normal when it snows or is cold. People lose it and are really bad at things relating to winter. Recess gets canceled if it's below 25 degrees (with the windchill...which means it can really be 35 degrees and recess will be cancelled). It's an absolute conundrum of a place. From what I've gathered, the people who live in Laramie are more like the people who live in Alaska. They love the cold weather and deal with it. I have no guesses about which place is best, really, but this is just something I think about a lot, since I've dealt with winter in four different states now.

+I went to Target yesterday for pens and protein powder. I also wanted some Thanksgiving stickers but they don't sell those...they only sell Christmas ones after Halloween, apparently. Also, I asked the cashier how early everyone had to show up in order to get the Christmas stuff out (because it was ALL out at the Target) and she said 5:00am.

+And, lastly, for any weekend t.v. watching you might be interested in, I recommended some shows on Tuesday but I just watched Simply Complicated, the Demi Lovato documentary last night and it was shockingly good. I'll recommend it for sure. I couldn't find it anywhere else, so I watched it on Youtube.

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  1. Uh yes colorado people are wimpy! Living in Missouri and going to colorado every year, sometimes 2x a year, which I love, makes me wonder about the actual residents there. Because you'll have my dad talking about how traveling xyz road there to a resident and the resident being like "not when it snows, do you have chains for snow, yadda yadda" and getting all freaked out about us going on a road to somewhere.

    I also think its funny how I don't live in that state but I have done more and explored more there than many of the residents also. My sister's ex who lives in Fort Collins thought it was crazy we had been skiing, white water rafting and exploring and its like its right in your state, go do it!

  2. So annoyed with the Christmas crap everywhere. Give Thanksgiving its time.

  3. Switzerland doesn't do Halloween or Thanksgiving so there have been Christmas cookies on sale here since September. SEPTEMBER!!

  4. I had to laugh with the costume just because you just talked about how much you hate it. It's at least not too bad - could have been a HUGE CIRCLE to wear or something. Ponchos are doable - right? & you all look so cute ;)

  5. See i spent my teen and college years in Colorado and I don't remember any of those issues with the snow. I had no problem with it! Except when they wouldn't cancel school on particularly icy days because our university was at the top of a hill... driving was dangerous!

  6. i'm not really a demi lovato fan - i'm not NOT a fan - but i will check out her documentary. i'm not really one for halloween costumes so if i worked with you your coworker would have to buy/make mine too haha. a couple of the girls at work dressed up but i did not. that's funny about colorado, i've never been obviously, but i am definitely a wimp about winter, and KY winter is super mild compared to other places.

  7. Haha the costumes are good though! I like how they turned out.


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