November 6, 2017

Diwali and Stranger Things

On Friday, I headed up to Laramie for the weekend. We had one goal in mind: attempt to trade in the RAV4 for a different SUV. We even sat in one for awhile.

Unfortunately, Toyota of Laramie wasn't will to come down in price from the MSRP (not by much anyway) and we walked away. Oh well. We're exploring different options now. I wanted a new car, yes. But we know our worth and a dealership doesn't get to decide what we're willing to pay. They actually told us that there was no military rebate available, which isn't true. The salesperson was very nice and helpful but the sales manager didn't even want to try so whatever. We'll go somewhere else.

We went for lunch at a sushi place and the UW student next to us was bemoaning the fact that now there will be no final season of House of Cards.

My internal reply was People still watch House of Cards? This is no great loss to entertainment.

Later that afternoon, we headed to the UW campus for the annual Diwali Night.

There are many students from India and surrounding countries at UW working on masters degrees and PhDs. The university gives them money for their research. Most of these are chemistry and engineering students, so most of Scott's friends are from the other side of the world. A few were participating in Diwali night so we were invited.

I was not anticipating the dancing, or the fact that I'd actually have to participate. 

The food was good.

And it was nice and snowy on the way out. 

Sunday morning, we both drove back to Colorado Springs because Scott needed to pick some things up to take back with him. Highlights of this included him telling me I drive too slow, my bluetooth cutting out repeatedly when our vehicles were too close to each other (because my phone is hooked up to both the car and the truck), and then me actually starting to cry in Panera because they put my latte in a ceramic mug (is this 1995????) instead of a to-go cup. In my defense, they let it sit on the counter until our food was ready and it was cold by the time I was buzzed to go get it. Scott asked them to heat it up in a to-go cup and they made me another one. I can't remember the last time I got so upset about something meaningless, which is a fun look into the layers of my subconscious, I guess. 

Sunday afternoon, we watched 6 episodes of Stranger Things, finishing season 2, because that was the best use of our time. I'm okay with that.

No spoilers from me...

What did you think? I like the way it ended. Steve is wonderful. I can't wait for season 3, which seems imminent. 

Two more weeks until Thanksgiving break....

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  1. 1) you guys have snow before Canada? that should be in an episode of "stranger things" because usually we're the King of early snowfall

    2) i LOVE diwali! we have a large population of folks who are from India here and the lights and festivals are gorgeous...and the food...THE FOOD. yum.

  2. Oh my gosh... STEVE. He totally re-cooped from last year, didnt he? Such a good babysitter ;) haha I LOVED Stranger Things 2. Wonder what they'll do next year. It'll get old if its constantly closing the gate thing... but I hope they do it quick before these kids grow SO BIG.You can see how much they've already changed since season 1

  3. I am bummed about no more House of Cards, solely because I like Robin Wright.

  4. We finished "Stranger Things" on Sunday as well. So many new faces. So many answers. So many questions. "The Unlikely Hero" :( I'm also looking forward to the third season. Sounds like it might not be out til next winter.

  5. "No great loss to entertainment" is how I feel about a lot of popular shows now.

  6. i hate dealerships for that reason. there is a little 'mom and pop' type dealership about 30 mins away from where we live and that's where we have traded in and purchased our cars. they are no nonsense, fair pricing and don't negotiate. i don't like negotiating or getting 'deals' because they are more often than not lies or screwing you somewhere else. it annoys me when people act like the manager you dealt with. how rude. you should know what you're talking about if you're selling something.
    every time i drive KC's car, i have to disconnect my phone from the bluetooth when i stop, otherwise we have that problem as well lol.
    i also liked Steve. Hopper is my favourite. I'm not really a fan of Eleven or Jane or whatever her name is.

  7. I am soooo looking forward to Thanksgiving Break and the awful thing is that I just had a a two week fall break two weeks ago! But, my work life has been completely insane with this transfer, so I don't feel so bad in admitting that I need another break.

    Oh, lord... car shopping. Best of luck!

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