November 13, 2017

Currently 11/13: The vet and Shameless, mostly

Hating...the vet.

On Saturday morning, I took Jett to the vet. We suspected a UTI of sorts but I called to make an appointment and all. Our appointment was at 10am and I got there at 9:50. We got back into the exam room around 10:45. We had one or two interactions with techs and the vet and waited in the room until noon. That's over two hours. Finally, at 12:10, I was like, We're gonna go...and they assured me the urinalysis results would be ready soon. I paid ONE HUNDRED AND SEVEN DOLLARS and we left. The whole angry-tears thing was happening and I was so irritated.

They called 5 minutes later to tell me they had an antibiotic ready for him if I wanted to come back and get it. That was another FIFTY-TWO DOLLARS. He also got cranberry pills.

I told them that I couldn't remember the last time I'd had a good experience at their office. They seem to have swapped out there staff completely in the last few months and I recognized no one, aside from the vet. In fact, I brought up the fact that, last time when I went to pick up heartworm medicine, they tried to give me the kind for 50-100 pound dogs because they had Jett's weight on the chart as EIGHTY POUNDS. Jett weighs 47 pounds. When I said this, they asked if I was sure.

Thinking...that the most interesting people I know are the ones who watch Shameless. We started the new season this weekend, because I wasn't going to start last week without Scott. But we also rewatched just about all of last season he because hadn't remembered seeing it.

Watching...Scott likes the show Vice Principals so I recorded a few episodes. I haven't laughed that hard in awhile. I was also reminded that I never finished the last few seasons of Justified.

Reading...tomorrow is the Show Us Your Books link-up and I'll share my piddly excuses for reading during the month of October. But, right now, I'm actually enjoying The Bookshop on the Corner more than I thought I would so that's what I've been reading at night these days.

Baking...I got it in my head that I wanted to make these pumpkin cookies. I don't do pumpkin pie or pumpkin cheesecake or anything like that...but I ate half the bowl of frosting before these cookies were even baked.

Wondering...why I hate this dry, late fall season in Colorado so much? With the temperatures in the high 60s this week, I blamed part of my meltdown at the vet on the fact that it's so "hot" out.

Also, wondering why we made the terrible decision to do nothing yesterday except watch Shameless...I did walk the dogs a few times and Scott went duck hunting and I stopped at the store...but that was not the way to set myself up for success for the week. It was actually a really terrible idea.

Thank goodness it's only 5 more days until Thanksgiving break.

Hope you made decisions that would set up with success for the week! (unlike me)

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  1. I'm so behind on Shamless (like whatever seasons Hulu or Netflix had on) --that damn show though. I don't get it, but I get so sucked in!

    Also, wtf vet?! <-- it's early and my lack of typing/care has gone out the window. haha. "Are you sure" Pretty sure I'm gonna be finding a new vet, thanks! Geez.
    Poor Jett :(

  2. Oh man.... I DESPISE waiting like that & having incompetent people to deal with. We changed vets because I've sat in a waiting room for over an hour before anyone came to help me. No excuse for that - ESPECIALLYYYYYY when you have an appointment. Its the WHOLE POINT of an appointment. Geez. I'm riled up FOR you.

  3. Ugh, I'm so sorry about your vet experience. I HATE when my time is wasted like that. I had that at my OB once, and I walked out without an exam. I also do it FAR too often at the pediatrician. Blah.

  4. I'm getting depressed not getting breaks like I used to :/ I'll just live through everyone else's!

  5. I seriously love Walton Goggins, he is so funny!!! I need to record that show.

  6. Yeah, no. Do not make me sit in a room with a dog for hours.

  7. I haven't read much this month either (well leisure reading - I read a ton of legal stuff that no one wants to hear about Im sure)

  8. I'm a complete Shameless addict! During the weekends leading up to the season premier two weekends ago, my husband and binged watched (off and on) all the prior seasons! There's just something about the dysfunctional Gallagher family from Chicago that I love!

  9. The vet experience would have be in angry tears too. The waiting is annoying, but then add an anxious dog who senses something is wrong, annnnnd forget it. I love Shameless! We don't have Showtime, so we have to wait until it's on Netflix, but it's one of my favorites.


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