October 12, 2017

Confessions 10/12

I shared a joint confession between Scott and me on Instagram the other day.

We ran out of dog food on Sunday, mostly because I forgot to take the dog food we had up to Laramie. 

Here's some more:

I won't stop at the mailboxes for our neighborhood if there is anyone else there. No need to be social. Scott will ask if I stopped for the mail (he lost his own key yearsssss ago) and I'll say no, there were people there and that'll be the end of the conversation. He lost his own key; what can he possibly respond with?

I don't like movies. I will almost never watch a movie more than once, unless it's a Christmas movie. I'll go to the movies once in awhile because Scott likes going but otherwise I can't be bothered.

I don't love music. I have no Spotify. I have a few stations on Pandora that I listen to but usually just while driving.  And I have them whittled down to the exact songs I like. I, as a rule, don't listen to music.

I did a lot of reading about enneagram types last week. I took some free quiz (probably not the same quality of the paid-for quizzes) and discovered I'm a type 3. I don't think that's great. Also, I did the Harry Potter sorting hats quiz last year because my pre-student teacher was really into HP and we talked about the hats (I've still never read the books)...I'm a Slytherin.

My crest, apparently.

I put off buying the plane tickets until 2 weeks before we were planning on going away to the east coast. We leave next week and we bought the tickets last week. We've known about this wedding for over a year. Couldn't buy tickets a year ago, because we didn't know what state we'd be living in come October 2017. It could've been anywhere in the world back at that point. Couldn't buy tickets 6 months ago because Scott was gearing up for an emergency deployment and we didn't know if he'd even be back in Colorado. We couldn't buy tickets 2 months ago because he didn't know his class schedule. 
Finally, after he bought the tickets, he said "I was really hoping you were just going to take care of it". I hate looking for plane tickets so much. I never would've taken care of it. 

And, lastly, I was chosen for a random vehicle search on my way onto the base yesterday. The confession part is that I moved as slowly as humanly possible while I opened up all the things, struggling a bit with the giant truck hood, pulling the "weak arms" card, and generally just took my time. Might as well hold up the line if they insist on doing this nonsense. They're not gonna move faster with the paperwork end if I move faster with the opening up of things. 

As a side note: If you've NOT talked to your Pumpkin Swap partner yet, let me know!


  1. haha... I laughed you moved slow. Gotta love a lady with attitude.
    I'm always getting Hufflepuff when I take HP tests.
    I am SUCH a music person, it always baffles me how people cant be music people - but I guess I baffle you as well :) To each his own.... I literally have Spotify or the radio playing 90% of my day. That's probably overkill

  2. I would have a bird leaving plane tickets that late. MFD does that frequently though.

  3. I like music, but I feel you on movies. Like... I watch movies with my husband, I like going to the theatre, but he could seriously watch a movie every single night. For one, I don't have time to sit down for two hours to focus on a movie. For another, I can't focus on movies! I like short TV shows. My favorites are the ones that are less than half an hour. I get giddy about that ;)

  4. haha I'm the same about checking mail - I rarely doing it not because there are people there, but because i'm just too lazy to do it.

  5. Love tv shows, not a fan of movies. If they contain any amount of Sci-fi I will not watch at all.

  6. I'm not a fan of movies either! We haven't been to a theater in a long time. I'm perfectly okay with that.


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