October 27, 2017

5 Friday Favorites. 10/27

We're doing this new thing where we are forcing ourselves to focus on the positive, even in the midst of negative disappointment and potential chaos (I won't burden you with the current list). Here's the list I could make from this week.

1. Going home. I know we should do it more often but it's so hard to arrange.

2. Coming back and getting to wear my new boots...it was 80+ degrees on Wednesday, but Thursday was 40 and today is chilly too.

3. Our furnace is *currently* working just fine.

4. This guy. 
The Roomba had just passed him by (see the vacuum track marks) and he was none too happy with me. 


I like Jett too. He climbs on the furniture though and I don't like that. 

At least it's the weekend right?


  1. it's time to bust out the boots over here as well; yesterday when i got in the car, i had FROST on my windows. hello fall!

  2. Those boots are awesome. Totally wish I had Fall where I am!

  3. I have similar boots to those and I was finally able to break them out today! So happy!


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