September 18, 2017

WIW Last Week

I'm really trying to get back into the habit of wearing things I'd like to actually remember with a picture. I don't know how long this will last, but I'm going to try.

None of this is new. But a lot of it is new in the sense that I bought it last spring in clearance sales and never took the tags off because I ran out of time at the end of the school year. Also, I didn't really care about much of anything at the end of last school year and I was basically putting on the most comfortable thing I could find each day.

(The bricks are from last February when we needed to prop the door open to move furniture. This may be an issue of priorities...)

Shirt is J.Crew clearance last spring//Skirt is Stitchfix last fall and the crazy amount of times I've worn it makes me want to try Stitchfix for the umpteenth time//Sandals are Target

This is a t-shirt from Target. // The skirt is Gap from two years ago and I just now took the tags off. There was something I didn't and still don't love about it, but it worked. It's probably too short. But I'll wear it with tights in the winter.  // Shoes are Target.

Side note: I almost always wear my hair half back because I cannot stand it falling into my face. 

Fall is thankfully arriving this week, not only by the date, but in the sense of temperatures below 80 degrees. Not every day, of course, but enough to make me okay with Colorado weather.

Is it fall where you are? I want to wear my boots. 


  1. I like both outfits but I really love the second skirt! It would definitely look cute with tights and boots for fall!

  2. You are just the cutest.
    I love my boots, but I'm hanging onto my sandals as long as I can. I usually wear flip flops until it snows ;) haha

  3. Both outfits are cute! I like the 2nd best but it's the colors that I like best.
    I can't stand hair falling in my face either. Drives me crazy! I always toy with chopping it off, but then I know I'd be annoyed because it wouldn't have anywhere to go except in my face. Longer means it's rubberbandable. <-- haha what a word.

  4. I love the second outfit! It's so cute and casual!

  5. I love the second outfit! The skirt is really cute.

  6. It was fall and now back in the 90s...grrr


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