August 31, 2017

Stuff and Things 8/31

I had intentions of getting this post up last night but between being sick all week, Scott being gone all week, eating cereal for dinner, grading papers, and walking the dogs, I've all but run out of time it seems. PTL for a long weekend and a chance to get better before another week starts!

Weekly sunflower picture. They were scenting a bird.

+While we were in San Diego, I really got into googling how much houses cost there. Now I get useless alerts from Zillow in my email every day, telling me about the newest several-million-dollar properties on the market. This is not productive.

+Going back to work was a blessing this month and also a lot harder than I thought. IVF was such an ordeal and a process and it's such a mindf*ck. Seeing all the kids and people and general familiar circumstances of my classroom brought so much of that back to the surface. That being said, it's nice to stay busy in a way that tests my productivity and creativity at once.

+This is random, but I feel like it has to be said: I never published an in-depth post on the ins and outs of IVF. I hated just about every second of it because it made me feel awful. In addition, our insurance (Tricare) paid for very little to NONE of it. They paid for syringes and one medicine (because those things aren't directly related to IVF) but Tricare won't pay for anything that is directly related to IVF, including medicine or anesthesia. This is an uphill battle I'm not even going to begin to whine about but I do want the world to realize that we're not going to do this process exhaustively because that's not financially responsible for us. We don't have the option of going, going, going forever with it simply because it's not covered by insurance and you can only spend that kind of money so many times. I think I really just want people to understand that we're not getting a free ride here. 

+Well, that took a depressing turn, so here's something amusing...
A cocaine ring busted in my hometown. #1 Their names were all published, which I find pretty hilarious. #2 They only made $134,000 in a year so how could that have been worth it? #3 I feel like they've never seen Breaking Bad.

+Another random...I never realized how many people lease cars. I didn't even understand that this was a thing until about 2 years ago. My parents always bought their cars. Scott and I have always bought our cars. Our first few vehicles were used ones (I didn't have a new car until I was 27) because we simply bought what we could afford. Along with this, Scott does all the vehicle maintenance for us and we drive way too many miles to every fall within the terms of a lease.

+I ordered my fall supply of Bath and Body Works soap this morning. I usually keep one on my sink in my classroom and these kids used it all in 3 weeks. Last year, and the year before, I think I went through 3 bottles in the entire year. Therefore, I will not be setting out any more soap at school.

That's all the random I have for today. Tomorrow is my (apparently) weekly BIP talk because mindless entertainment is what I've been into lately.

(Spoiler alert: I don't like Dean.)


  1. I do that exact thing when we visit other cities too especially when I'm like this is not stl, it's nice ha. Then my dreams get shattered at the prices haha

    I'm not on the dean bandwagon either. He can just go. Bye Felicia! If I had to pick he needs to be with Kristina bc I don't like d lo either...and when I hear them say d lo I'm thinking something bad 😉

  2. I always financed my cars to purchase. MFD did also. His last one he bought outright and the other one he leased per his business accountants. I don't know.

  3. Dean is truly showing his age, isn't he?
    LOVING me some Wells.
    I dont get leasing. At all.
    Insurance sucks... I've heard from many about IVF & the issues with that too. Ridiculous

  4. Dean is really, really immature. He needs to go. Kristina can do better.

    I don't understand leasing cars, either. Who wants a forever car payment?

    IVF...I don't know what to say. It's just crappy.

  5. I don't understand leasing either. We buy and drive til they are no longer worth it. Now we have almost always had a car payment, but that's been one at a time. When we do have 2, it's been for less than 6 months. In fact, my Jeep is paid off tomorrow (6 months early) and we had to get my husband a new car in March because repairs were not worth it given the age and miles on the car. We bought it from a co-workers husband and the dealership he works for actually called him into the office because he sold us a used car instead of a new one. My husband drives about 90 miles round trip a day. We don't need a new car or a lease. I could go that route but I don't want the forever car payment.

  6. No I don't get car leasing, either. We have always bought outright. I don't like monthly payments that I can't wriggle out of if I need to - anything more than rent and bills makes my skin itch.

    Sorry about the cost of IVF... I am completely ignorant on that one but I can imagine it adds BIG insult to injury in an already very tough process.

  7. People definitely forget that while our medical care is good it doesn't even scratch the surface of the cost for interventions such as IVF.

  8. I don't at all see the benefit of leasing and I have also been surprised recently by how many people lease cars! We've bought one car, brand new, but we would have only done that here because used cars hold their value too well so the difference in cost wasn't worth it given the age and mileage on cars. I inherited my first car (a '96 chevy) from my great-grandma and gave it to my cousin when we moved, she's still driving it and it still runs great--I would tell all my little siblings and cousins to avoid leases or car payments if at all possible.
    IVF is crazy expensive. I've actually wondered what it costs here--medical services aren't as expensive here, that's why Malaysia gets a lot of medical tourism, but it's still fairly cost-prohibitive I'm sure.

  9. i lease my cars because as a business expense and it works for us. besides, i like getting a new car every 3-4 yrs :)

  10. I, of course, had to click on the link about the drug bust. Don't know how I missed that info. I needed to see if I recognized any names. It wouldn't have surprised me if I did. (But I didn't.) I also have to agree if that's all you're going to make from selling drugs, you probably should find something else to do. Hahaha


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