August 24, 2017

Many BIP Things.

Funny story: I was typing up a few notes in a blog post for my upcoming August Books post that will be up in September. I wrote out how I rarely have time to read this time of year because I'm swamped with school beginning. And, as of now, I've read exactly one book this month. BUT do you know what I did have time for? Four (4) hours of Bachelor in Paradise each week. It's interesting how that works.

This is two weeks worth of notes because I was too stressed out to post last week:

1. This show is so dumb. But I can't stop watching.

2. DeMario honestly appears to be blowing a rape whistle in episode one, which is oddly foreshadowing. FTR: I do not blame him. He and Corrine appear to be equally dumb in many regards but, what happened, I feel, isn't really their fault. Someone likely got paid to blow the metaphorical whistle on production.

3. Though...Corinne came off as quite likable before the whole Paradise thing fell apart. I didn't hate her as much anymore.

4. I get the dog thing, Ben Zorn. It's all I ever talk about too.

5. Dean has the empathetic ability of a toddler. YOU DON'T MAKE KRISTINA CRY. He's gotten the type of edit that will guarantee he'll never be The Bachelor and that's okay with me.

Alexis had some things to say about that...

6. On the Rose Pricks podcast last week, they called Ashley I. a whorenado and I laughed for a very long time...take off some of the make-up, Ashley I. Also, stop talking about Jared. You're not in middle school. She actually makes me cringe. But I listen to the podcast she does with Ben because I like Ben.

7. They (Rose Pricks) also made fun of Carly and Evan's wedding. I love Carly and Evan but the commentary was fantastic. They said the flower crowns were a trial run for a snapchat filter. I recommend Rose Pricks.

8. D.Lo, stop giggling. Omgeeeee....I can't listen to her anymore. She is the most annoying person I've seen on TV lately, and I watch the news a lot.

9. Alexis' narration of D.Lo dropping the pizza was the best thing I've seen on The Bachelor franchise.

10. I also enjoy the way they got in two digs at Nick on Monday night, calling him boring and a bad Bachelor ha ha ha.

11. This tweet made me LOL because Ashley I. seems to think she's in the same category as Alexis. No one is dating Alexis in Paradise because she had a boyfriend. No one dated Ashley I. in Paradise because she's annoying.

12. I always was Team Taylor but she's coming off as unlikeable in the wake of Lacey/Diggy/Dominique. But does anyone actually care about L/D/D?

Alright, that's enough trash for one day.

I can't believe I watch this stuff.


  1. Shark/Dolphin girl... she's gotta be the best girlfriend to party with :)
    You have me so hooked on Rose Pricks.
    I am the same way - I thought, I'd talk for HOURS with Ben Z about my dog too :)

  2. I've been obsessed with Ben Z since he was on Kaitlyn's season...he's such a nice guy & love that he's obsessed with his dog because I'm obsessed with mine. I've never been a Dean fan, so I'm glad he's showing his true colors. He giggles too much for my liking and I think he's emotionally stunted.

  3. I've seen so many people talk about this show but I have never seen it. Hmmm I may have to check it out.

  4. I am finally getting around to watching this.

    Am I the only one that can't stand Taylor? Or the fact that both she and Derek say "like" every other word?


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