August 21, 2017

A new week

I found this on Grammarly and couldn't not use it.
Me, on Friday night.

Now that last week is over, and maybe I can start getting into a schedule, I'm going to try and actually post something notable. The thing with the first week of school is that there is no routine and it's a survival mode kinda situation. Now we can, fingers crossed, get into the swing of things. I have actual ulcers in my mouth from drinking too much coffee and stress-eating too much candy. I'm going to attempt to be a grown-up and eat actual food this week. Aim high, right?

Friday night, I stared at my computer and browsed the internet pointlessly while drinking wine and eating candy corn. Because that's how much brain space I had left.

Saturday morning, I got up too early and went to the gym. Then I went to the grocery store and the PX on base because I also ran out of make-up on Friday.

Then I did a bunch of laundry and cleaned the floors. I helped with the usual outdoor chores.

Scott was getting ready to head off in the camper for the week so that took some preparation. Most of Sunday was working outside in the heat.

There will be some very unhappy dogs in these parts.

Then I went and got myself a $14 haircut +tip. I've had the expensive cuts and, ugh, it's just not worth it when Plus, I cannot be bothered to make an appointment for such things. I cancelled 3 hair appointments in the last 3 months and that's when I knew it was time to go back to Great Clips.

Oh, I hear there will be an eclipse or something today.

I told Scott it'd be really funny if it just didn't happen after all this preparation. I wouldn't complain. It messes up the schedule at school today. #indoorrecess

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  1. Oh I forgot about the eclipse. My teacher friends tell me their kids are extremely affected by the weather; how did yours do with an eclipse??!

  2. People are freaking out over the eclipse and we are only 67% covered. Is recess cancelled so the kids don't burn their eyes? I don't get this whole thing. Your dog isn't going to stare at the sun. I don't get why people are traveling to basically see night time during the day. I mean if I lived somewhere it was cool, I would check it out, but otherwise?? I don't know. I will watch the news coverage so maybe my opinion will change after that.

  3. It's been overcast and rainy here all day, so it just got really dark when the eclipse happened. Nothing amazing.

  4. I missed the eclipse. I understand the appeal and I guess I was interested, just not interested enough to leave my desk to go onto the roof of my office building like everyone else to see it.

  5. We missed the eclipse. Too cloudy. Natch.

    Sometimes life just demands an evening surfing the internet with wine and candy corn!

    Don't blame you one bit for going for the cheap hair trim. I am so sick of paying my hairdresser $70+tip to take an inch or less off my head every 6-8 weeks. I'm about ready to start doing it myself.


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