July 13, 2017

Links I've Bookmarked.

I'm taking off from the blog for a few days. Here's some links I've found myself coming back to more than once though. Thoughts?

Be back next week!


I've thought about microneedling...have you tried it?

Gretchen Rubin posted this the other day: what it's like to work at the Apple store. 

I want these shoes but can't quite justify it. They're just Keds. You don't have to click and I promise I won't make any money if you do.

I'm not a fan of flexible seating in the classroom but could never really explain why. This blogger/teacher has lots of good reasons. 

Has anyone used Diigo? I think it's like Evernote. Ideally, I'd like to be much more organized in my online life (hahaha) but I didn't last long with Evernote.

And the best link ever: All the Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from Reality Steve. You should read them.

Do you bookmark so many links that you can never find what you're looking for? Just me?


  1. I don't get Evernote. People rave about it and I feel I'm really missing out on something amazing, but every time I try to use it I just... don't get it. What do they use it for? What would you use Diigo for?? I have so many questions. As a disorganised person it gets me all kinds of flustered.

  2. I have a struggle all the time clicking over on Reality Steve. I want to know - but I dont

  3. haha I am with Rachel up there, I dont get Evernote either. I jot things down on my notes app if I use the app at all.

  4. Those shoes are super cute but I'm the same way. I always have a hard time justifying the cost of certain things.

  5. Check Amazon for those shoes! I always check there because brands like that are often cheaper than at department stores or other online shoe stores.

    I tried for like five minutes once to figure out Evernote. Didn't happen.


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