July 6, 2017

Confessions 7/6

+This weekend was the first time I've hiked since probably last August. Someone should take my Colorado card away.

+I've not read Harry Potter and all those tweets about the 20th anniversary last week were annoying.

+I can't fold a burrito properly to save my life. I want to make a freezer breakfast like this to have on hand for weekdays, but alas...it would all fall apart.

+I wanted a fountain Pepsi the other day so I stopped at the shoppette on base. They only had fountain Coke. I got back in the car, drinkless.

+I stopped at another gas station that I knew would have fountain Pepsi but I usually don't purposely go there because it's too close to where I work.

+I got out of the car and opened the back door to rearrange the groceries I'd just bought because a watermelon kept rolling around. When I did, a bottle of kombucha and a bottle of soy sauce (both glass) fell on the pavement. All over my shoes, completely shattering. I really needed the Pepsi after that.

+I walked into Scott office last week and he said Oh, there's a dragonfly in here. He kept shuffling papers while it took me a full ten seconds to realize he was referring to me in my new sunglasses. 

Scout doesn't do selfies (with me).

+I've been putting up bulletin boards at school and working on things at home too. I don't do summer well. 

+I've unfollowed a lot of blogs lately. If I don't feel that, on some level, we can be friends, reading your blog will likely turn into hate-reading and that's unproductive.

+I've been watching Saved by the Bell: The College Years. 

And that's all for today (got to save some for next time).


  1. like you, i'm not into HP either. I've tried to read the books to find out what all the hoopla was all about but they're just not my jam.

  2. Yeah I'm not into HP, the tweets and constant posts were getting a little annoying.

  3. HAHA - I LOVED all those 20th anniversary HP tweets. Sorry. ;)
    I am the same way with burritos. So frustrating. I make breakfast burritos & cant even get one bite without it all crumbling out the side/end

  4. I haven't read HP either. well I read the first one and piece of the second and last but I don't count any. Im a reader and they were and are just not my speed. My sis however loves them so she was fully one of the annoying tweeters.

  5. I'm the same way with burritos. I always end up losing most of the filling all over my plate.

    I unfollowed a bunch of blogs recently too. There were so many in my feed that I just clicked "mark as read" without reading, and I figured that was a sign that I needed to just let them go.

  6. Hehe I was in love with the HP tweets but can totally understand your point of view too. I regularly unfollow blogs that I'm just not reading - it happens!!! You definitely deserved that fountain Pepsi!!!

  7. Hahaha now I wish I knew who you followed before to see who you unfollowed... though I don't know if we could be IRL friends because Pepsi over Coke - what?? I get offended when I order a diet coke and the waiter asks if pepsi is okay (the answer is no, never...) Also, you have perfect teacher handwriting.

  8. Oh I'm the same way about fountain drinks but I'm coke over Pepsi...and it'll always be soda not pop to me ;)

  9. I feel like Jason would make a similar dragonfly reference about my shades, and it'd take me a minute to realize it.

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