July 3, 2017

Bachelorette Thoughts (since it's an off week)

I drowned myself in 4 hours of The Bachelorette last week, plus the recap podcasts (Rose Pricks and Here to Make Friends). That was a productive use of time.

+Eric is actually a cool guy when he's not speechifying or stuck in his own head. I genuinely started to like him (I'm sure he'll ruin it with more yelling, though).

+Oh Kenny. Why did you have to speak your piece/peace to Lee? You won. Leave. I wasn't crazy about you to start with because I don't know if "professional wrestler in Vegas" fits with "lawyer in Dallas".

+I really liked Anthony. It made me sad when he left.

+The same with Will. I felt like she didn't get him a fair chance after he mentioned that he "usually" dates white girls. He's obviously there for Rachel, so I doubt that "usually" makes a difference. 

+That being said, Rachel is good at being the Bachelorette. Her maturity and common sense will be hard to match next year and it makes Jojo look like a child (because she just picked the person she seemed to like the most, future be darned).

+I've taught Number the Stars for several years and I finally got to see Tivoli Gardens. Fun.

+Oh, speaking of maturity....have you noticed that Rachel hasn't mentioned Nick? Remember how Jojo kept talking about Ben? Gag.

Are you watching? Darn the holiday for messing up this viewing schedule.

We've had an oddly busy weekend, so hopefully I'll have a recap to share on Wednesday. Happy 4th!

Here's some ideas if you need a potluck contribution. 


  1. I'm watching and playing the fantasy league with a group of friends but otherwise not a fan of this season. Maybe because I haven't caught it all, I don't know, its weird.

  2. I think JoJo was still 100% in love with Ben... Rachel got good hindsight & glad to escape Nick ;)
    I was so sad about Will. I thought he was such a gentleman.
    Kenny... you could tell he did have some anger issues, couldnt you? I still cant believe he got off the helicopter & went back ... what was the point? Those two... glad Rachel told that piece of trash, "I just dont believe you"... I love Rachel!!!
    I'm gonna be lost tonight

  3. I still think I'm the only person who has never watched this show haha. Maybe some day.

  4. I didnt really keep up with this season like I usually do but I still love to catch blogger recaps - that said, I see its still hot mess city over there sigh lol

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