May 4, 2017

Stuff and Things...What's new? Everything.

Stuff, Things, etc.

There's a lot new around here but it's overwhelming to talk about so we'll get to that later. Maybe. At some point. I despise vague-blogging but it is what it is. The army life will never leave you complacent anyway. 
I do swear that one day I'll start posting actual information again about my life.

Watching a winter storm roll in.

Said storm.

A side-eyeing dog. Not new.

Snow pants because of the wind chill on April 30th.

At least it melts quickly. 

It was chilly enough to wear a jacket, pants, and boots yesterday so that's new. And I highlighted my hair for the first time since January. I've got the process down to an hour and ten minutes now. It used to be an all-night project (way back in 2011).

The dogs photobombed me so that's nothing new either.

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  1. Totally understand the vague blogging but also very hopeful that everything is okay! WOW that is a decent amount of snow for this time of year!! I thought us Canadians had it bad! ;) The hair looks awesome! I don't think I'd ever be brave enough to do that on my own although I do often touch up my roots on my own. The doggies look excited in that last pic :)

  2. Oh, mountain weather! Gotta love its unpredictability. Hope things turn out ok. Have a good one!

  3. That is one of the only things I miss about living in Oklahoma - being able to see the storms as they roll in! I don't envy your snow, though. I'm hoping we're done for the year but you never know. First cruise ship rolled in today...well, floated in. It's officially "summer". Hah.

  4. Can't wait to hear what's got everything so new for you ;) Hopefully its all good!

  5. That side eye on the dog is ADORABLE.
    I'd legit cry if we got snow at this point of the year.

  6. Seeing storms as they roll in is oddly comforting. We can see them pretty clearly in Louisiana and it's beautiful in a weird way.

  7. sometimes you just gotta vague blog haha. hope everything is okay though! hope good news too.


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