March 13, 2017

Weekend Things.

Friday was Jett's 3rd birthday.

Just to give some context: this is the first dog birthday that Scott has ever been around for. That's a good way to demonstrate how much he's really been gone in the last 3 years. Or wait. He was around for Scout's first birthday, I believe, but can't be sure if he was actually there on the day of. We were in the middle of PCSing.

So poor Jett turned one and two with just me around. And Scout turned 2 and 3 stuck with, again, just me.

To celebrate, we had pupcakes and chewed on some rabbits. To Jett's dismay, this was just a stuffed rabbit. But still, he could get out his aggression without killing an actual rabbit (again...that might have happened once last summer).

That was Friday night.

Saturday, we went on base for the Warrior Dog Dash.

He turned 3 and became attentive.

Jett and his best buddy Max.

He who cannot be controlled a.k.a. Scout

I was impressed with the ginger's well-behavedness. Scott wrangled Scout the whole time. I knew this would happen so I "let" Scott run with Scout. 

Then I went to a Noonday party with a friend. I bought nothing because jewelry and I aren't really a thing.  I'm not sure how I feel about that brand either. They had a great leather bag I loved but $200 seemed a little steep and unnecessary. Is it wrong to think that these brands are exploiting people? But the bag I posted on Thursday has the same sort of story behind it. (Though, I don't think I could spend that much for an "unlined interior" anyway.)

I had two minor meltdowns on Saturday when #1 I tried to order an On Demand movie from DirecTV (note: they suck) and Scott ended up yelling at them on the phone and #2 When Scott decided to read my blog (which I didn't know he does every now and then). I just feel judged when people I know read my blog. I don't know why.

Then we watched Making History. The first episode is on Hulu. Very funny.

And then the O.J. Simpson story that's on Hulu and was previously on ESPN.

Because, obviously, there was no On Demand movie to be had that night. (We watched it Sunday. Hell or High Water and it was very good.)

Sunday was cleaning and basic chores that get us ready for another *shudder* week.
It's going to be a busy one. Here's your motivation:

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  1. What is Noonday? I haven't heard of it. Is it like Stella and Dot? Happy birthday to Jett--glad he got spoiled on his birthday and that you were both together to celebrate!
    I always feel weird when people know about my blog, too. My close friends know, but my husband's friends don't (as far as I know) and I'd rather keep it that way.

  2. Only a few people in my "real life" know about my blog, including my husband who has never read it. There are times when I want to share it with everyone, but I'm just not there at the moment. Can completely understand the mini meltdown! Sounds like a good weekend overall though!!

  3. Glad I'm not the only one who's weird about who reads my blog. My husband is fine, though. He used to proofread all my posts but now I don't bother. Typos galore!

    Directv is really the worst. Sometimes if you threaten to leave, they'll give you something free. We try it every few years.

  4. Our indemand is awful too, and we have local cable. I think that's just how it goes, unfortunately. I've had a few friends host Noonday parties, and I like their stuff but I'm also way cheap, haha.

  5. I've heard good things about Making History so I'm glad to hear that you liked it - yay for puppy birthdays and I hope this week goes by fast for you! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. i can't stand it when someone somehow finds my blog and tells me they read it. i get all defensive and shout things like DON'T READ MY SHIT! even though i'm totally ok with other people whom I don't know reading it and it's on THE INTERNET lol.

  7. My OnDemand is so fickle too! Some days it works and others it doesn't. I've gotten pretty good at getting on chat with them and getting discounts haha.

  8. I binged watched OJ, I just couldn't stop. Then Saturday night I watched the lifetime movie "from straight a's to xxx" and it was very good, I recommend if you're looking for something else to watch.

  9. I haven't heard of Noonday, but I feel the same way about almost all MLM type clothing and jewelry and makeup brands. Overrated and overpriced.

    I think I watched a preview or something for Making History a while back...definitely going to check out that first episode because I remember it being pretty hilarious!

  10. haha - that funny... that's how I feel life teases me lately...
    That show on Hulu looks funny. I loved that guy from Mindy Project.
    A 5k with dogs??? I would have been SO IN!

  11. Happy birthday Jett! Sounds like a great way to spend his weekend.

  12. I hate hate hate hate when people I know read my blog. If KC even threatens (like in a jokey way) I start screaming at him not to. haha. Also, in a jokey way but also not.
    happy birthday to Jett!
    I have no idea what noonday is, probably for the best. i'm not friends with jewelry either.


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