March 28, 2017

Things to consider.

Some current recommendations...

Carrot Top Paper Shop. I got this great springy print, a quote by my favorite author. Remember back when I used to go to the LIW Museum as often as I possibly could?

This article about teaching. It's fascinating. I read it three times.

Kindle Daily Deals. So I need to stop buying books. Here's the thing: if a book is on my TBR list or I want to read it (like, I think I'll love it), I'll buy it. Spending $1-$5 on a book isn't much, but it does add up. I was able to grab a book plus narration for $5 and it had been on my TBR list for months. I was also able to pre-order two new books coming out this year for $4 each. I guess I've gotta put that Kindle to use though, right? When I told Scott it was unnecessary, he asked if I was going to use it. And I am. I never buy paper books because I hate clutter, so this is my weak (weak) justification.

Pilates! As always. Heads up: If you want to become a member of The Balance Life Sisterhood, membership is closing at the end of March and won't open again until September-ish. If you tried 21 Days of Pilates this month and want in, get in now! (nope, not being paid to say this..I wish!) It's a month by month membership so, worst case, you get out after a month. 

And then, I know I've mentioned it before, but this composting container is a game-changer. I love it.
And I never thought I'd say something like that. 

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  1. That first print is so lovely.
    The Balanced Life of Sisterhood looks like potential for a great community.

  2. I love hanging prints in the house! I made several for my home office (since I'm too cheap to buy them) but I wish I had more of an artistic talent so I could draw stuff and hang it up!

  3. I like your print! And yeah, don't feel too bad about the Kindle daily deals. I mean instant gratification is so nice because sometimes I wait to read a book and other people's opinions ruin it for me. Opened that article to read later since I work with teachers now. And I have questions about pilates... I always thought it was more of an already-thin person's workout. Not true?

  4. Those Kindle Daily Deals have my "to read" list up so high, I dont think I'll ever get through them all. I'm ok with that. I'll keep buying ;)

  5. I am also a Kindle daily deals victim. For $2, I'm find with it.

  6. Oh I love that print, it's perfect for Spring!

  7. i don't think it is unnecessary. now if you're like *someone* i know, who has 86 books (real and kindle) to read, plus 50 odd books from the library? that's unnecessary. but yeah i don't think buying cheap books like that is a biggie unless it's really hurting your finances.

  8. I've never gotten into kindle reading - I'll stick with actual books for now, ha!

  9. I physically can not stop buying books. And I feel bad but not really. I got a $20 gift card to Amazon and I was BALLING! Shonda Rhimes' Year of Yes was only $2 the other day. WHAT?! Buy yourself gift cards cause then it's just one charge at a time and not a bunch of littles. #enabler
    Super super cute print. I need to check out anything paper shopish.

  10. Oh gosh, Kindle deals really do get sometimes! I need to cool it on buying books - print or e-book - because I feel like I've bought a lot recently! haha


  11. my friends swear by audible. i'm so old school, though. i love holding the books in my hands and turning the pages. love the feel of the paper...

    that said... my eyes are getting OLD and tired. i'm probably going to have to give in at some point... ugh.


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