March 7, 2017

Currently 3/7

Watching: The worst show ever: The 100. Scott started it on Netflix. It's terrible. Don't watch it.

But I am starting season 3 of When Calls the Heart on Netflix. I expect good things.

Reading: Breathing Room by Lisa Tankersley. Very good. I recommend the paperback so you can highlight easily. Also, in the middle of a couple that may be DNFinishers.

Buying: I bought a cartload of clearance on the J.Crew Factory website. Everything fits, even the shorts. I thought it might be nice to have some shorts that aren't from Old Navy. These are the first clothes I've purchased since November.

Also, I totally ordered those Sam & Libby black flats you all said you love. They better fit well. Kidding. (kind of)

Making: This tomato butter sauce with zoodles.

Beginning: The 21 Days of Pilates.

Doing: Manual labor. My hands hurt.

Feeling: Anticipation? Dread? Wonderingifyouredoingtherightthing? Are any of those the words for never really knowing what's going to happen next?

Legitimately laughing at:

And this:

Also, I legitimately don't know what I'm going to do with myself on Monday nights after the finale. 


  1. I saw about 2 or 3 episodes of 100 and turned it off - it was boring and one-dimensional and lame. binge lucifer! so good!

  2. I cant believe we're near the end of the Bachelor. That went fast.
    Good to know about The 100!

  3. I didn't mind the first season of The 100, but it quickly went downhill and we quit watching a few episodes into season 3. Much like Under the Dome, except even morbid curiosity couldn't force us to finish it.

    SO TRUE about House Hunters...I never understand...haha.

    That gif of Nick kills me every time I see it. I'm ready to move on to BIP and The Bachelorette.

  4. I feel like I maybe watched one episode of The 100 and was like, no.

  5. Never heard of 100 - and I am not going to bother looking it up! I have heard of the heart one and you're not the only one who has enjoyed it so I may need to search for that one!

  6. You can never go wrong with a good clearance sale! I've been stalking several websites looking for good deals.

  7. I feel like I saw the description for The 100, said "nope", and moved along.

    That guy waving? I don't even know what that's from. But I'm sad for you that whatever it is is almost over.


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