February 16, 2017

Confessions (S&T 2/16)

Stuff, Things, etc.

Every clock in this house says a different time. It's confusing. And stressful.

Scott had an event after work one day and I went home to do laundry and get a head start on cleaning instead. I was invited but it was kind of an "if you want to" thing. I wanted to spend my night doing laundry instead.

I can barely stay awake past 8:30pm these days. Is that a winter thing? Or just an overwhelmed thing?

I don't answer text messages. Sigh. And I often let my phone die on the weekends. Sigh.

This is my stash of pens. This is just my desk and my tote bag.

This is at work. They used to be more organized (by size, color, type, etc) but I've started letting students grade work for me, and have granted them access to my pens/markers. It's a fair trade-off. 

I finally mailed Jett's registration paperwork. His third birthday is next month. Chances I probably filled something out wrong and they send it back? Likely high. 

I bought Scott this hat for Valentine's Day.

This isn't so much a confession; just more of a I know what he'll want and it's easy to buy. There's no aspirational thinking when it comes to Valentine gifts. I don't want jewelry. I want a new chair for the living room. We're going to look this weekend. Fingers crossed.

However, Scott sent me a picture of one of our stock portfolios and had labeled it "Kristin Valentine". To show how his day-trading is paying off dividends (literally).

Did you celebrate V-Day? Do you have a secret stash of pens no one is allowed to use/touch? Have you watched the Earl Dibbles Jr. videos? (So many questions)

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  1. I forgot it was Vday until I saw on twitter that day LOL. Then I turned to my husband and said "oh yeah! happy valentine's day!" and he was surprised and said, it's the 14th today? we're so romantic.

  2. I have a pen addiction too! Chances are if I'm "borrowing" one and I like it, it usually ends up going home with me on accident. Purple is my color too (can't stand red, ha!)

  3. I don't celebrate Valentine's Day and my husband finally accepts it. He got me a Happy Heart Awareness Month card instead.

  4. No Valentine's here.

    I have a huge pen love. Colored pens especially. I'm into LePen right now.

  5. My Scott worked a double shift, and our marriage anniversary is the 15th. I think we're going out to dinner tonight. BUT my husband is NOT a gift giver, and when I came home on Valentine's Day, he left a card and a gift on the TV stand for me (where I was sure to see it because I spend most of my time at home on the couch in front of the TV these days). I sobbed for about 5 minutes. It was very sweet. :)

  6. Every "if you want to" event is pretty much a guaranteed "nah" in my book.

    What on earth does "yee yee" mean??

    Isaiah worked on Valentine's night so I spent the evening alone with the television. So romantic.

  7. We didn't do anything for Valentine's day. My hubby didn't get home until 7:00, but surprised me with a card. We are going out to lunch on Monday since he is off for President's day & my daughter has school. I have such a hard time with pens. They always leak or stop writing in the middle of writing. I'm the same way about the phone. I got a new phone (not a smart phone or anything) & I don't know how to use it, so I just don't.

  8. I tend you do other things when Kyle has an event here, they are usually thrown together at the last minute and that bugs me.

  9. I don't pay attention to the clocks in our houses anymore for this very reason.

  10. I don't have pens people can't use, but I do want to buys so many more now that I'm trying to use my planner all the time! There are so many cool ones that write in colors and I love that.


  11. I used to love colorful and quirky pens and somehow got away from it. Now, I want some.
    We did nothing for Valentine's.
    I've gotten pretty terrible about answering text messages too.

  12. Oh, yes... I have my own markers and pens that my students are not allowed to touch. They have their markers, I have mine.

    I don't really care for Valentine's Day, so, no, my husband and I don't really celebrate it. We just celebrate my birthday.

  13. Omg I am SO glad I'm not alone! I MADE myself stay up until 9:00 last night lol. I just want to hibernate away the winter. I have no motivation to do anything other than sleep. Even now, it's not even 11:00 and I feel like I want a nap. It's so gray and overcast. Blah. lol!!


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