January 19, 2017

S&T 1/12 (Currently)

Stuff, Things, etc.

Appreciating....One of my students told me the other day...the first thing he said to me after Christmas break...that he was sorry that my team lost the Rose Bowl. He was being sincere and everything. Obviously this kid is my favorite (really).

Reading....see this post. My priority this week is to finish Into the Woods.

Watching.....Kate Plus 8. I haven't seen it in awhile. I used to watch every episode, back in 2008-2009. I have many opinions on this show.

Eating....nothing good for me. I'm slowly starting to get past the holiday cookie binge of 2016.

Drinking....Eh, I really just drink coffee in the morning and water all day. But I have been LOVING cranberry ginger ale lately. Is that weird? It's so seasonal though. I can't stop. I drink it out of wine glasses.

Making....this broccoli cheddar soup from Smitten Kitchen. It was good. I subbed 1% for the half-and-half.

Believing....That the Steelers must triumph over evil and beat the Patriots on Sunday. I will cheer for anyone over Tom Brady. I think it's a northeast thing: unless you're a Patriots fan, you despise him.

Listening...to so many podcasts! Ugh. I love podcasts. Overdue, Happier, Here to Make Friends, Rose Pricks, Appointment Television, What Should I Read Next?, The Baby-Sitters Club Club...any others you can recommend?

Feeling....like I need this week to be over. Dentist appointment Tuesday, army thing Wednesday, running errands after work today, and then an army thing tomorrow night.

Wondering....why it took me so long to get sick again. I had a cold in September and then I was fine until this week when I felt another one creeping on.

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  1. I forgot about the Babysitters Club one! >>>runs to subscribe

  2. I really need to check out some podcasts. Maybe it will be a good distraction while I walk more. haha


  3. I heard that Kate show was on...what channel? I have a lot to say about her too based off what I've read :/

  4. I have a up/down mood watching Kate Plus 8... I usually sit dumbfounded at how Kate works. & those TWINS. UGH... teenagers at its finest! #attitudes

  5. I'm definitely hoping for a Steelers win, that would be great!

  6. Don't worry, it's not just NE people who hate the Patriots/Tom Brady. As you know, I'm not a Steelers fan, but between the two I'd much rather you have the win. Or ANYBODY but the Pats.

    Headed to turn on the latest episode of Rose Pricks...this week's episode...oh em gee. SO much secondhand embarrassment, and not just for Corinne.

  7. As a lifelong Steelers fan, I certainly hope they win on Sunday too! I'm hopeful for a Pittsburgh - Atlanta Superbowl this year! Seeing the two best wide receivers in the game right now play against each other for the title would be awesome. Never mind they're two of favorite NFL players anyway.

    The Popcast is great as is Happy Hour with Jaimie Ivey.

  8. i've been drinking chamomile tea all week. it's been cold and rainy and blah and this always makes me feel cozy.

  9. I'm not a Steelers fan, but I'd love it if they beat the Pats. I'm over Tom Brady and the team as a whole. And thanks for sharing that soup. For once I actually have all the ingredients so I'll be making it tonight! Hope you feel better soon and teh rest of the week goes quickly for you!

  10. Brocolli cheddar soup sounds yummy--I've been really into soups lately, this week I made a cabbage soup and chili a few days later...

  11. I used to LOVE watching Kate + 8...well, I should say, I started when it was Jon & Kate + 8. Their lives were chaotic (and how couldn't it be with that many kids??) but the kids were just so adorable. I even stuck with it once they went to Kate + 8. I started to watch again with the episode where Maddie & Cara were having their 16th birthday party, and I just couldn't do it. The kids are older now so it's just not cute any more, and I can't handle Kate. I found it highly disturbing that Maddie was the one who was calm and cool and Kate was having a meltdown on party day. That was it for me. I always would try to give Kate the benefit of the doubt...you NEED someone organized to run a family like that, but she's just so over the top now, I think.

    ALSO, I love that listening to The Babysitters Club Club gives me a really good dose of laugh out loud laughter. Jack and Tanner just crack me up every time!


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