January 12, 2017

Birthday S&T

My cousin sent me this gif on my birthday on Tuesday. Pretty much sums up the day when you're a teacher. No one cares. Also, they forgot to announce my name over the intercom. Just sayin. 

My teammate knows what I like though.

And Scott got me the newest, fanciest Kindle on the market. Reading will be a whole new experience (once this giant stack of library books goes back next week).

I also got a new coat (kind of similar) and this mini-backpack that I linked to on Amazon (for Scott's convenience) because I thought it would come in handy at some point and I never seem to have something like it when I need it. 

Then we had a classy dinner while watching another Star Wars movie. Plus ice cream.

Asleep by 10. This is what happens when your birthday is on a Tuesday and it's a school night in January.
That's okay though. 
I feel so much better about turning 31 than I did about turning 29 or 30. 28 was even kind of questionable. There was a lot of pressure to make the most of my 20s in those last couple of years and I hated that. 

*Not trying to relate to my Star Wars-watching goal, but as Scott says, You seem to be enjoying these movies more than I thought you would. 

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  1. Happy birthday!! Glad you got some fun presents and Panda Express actually sounds pretty delicious after not having had it in a few years...that was Angel's favorite chain in the states. I can't imagine what it would be like seeing Star Wars 1,2, and 3 before 4,5,6....I grew up watching the old ones before 1,2, and 3 came out so there was no chance of going in order.

  2. Happy birthday!!! I'm sorry your birthday at work felt lackluster (and they forgot about you)...being a resource person I often get forgotten about during holidays, birthday etc so I feel you. I'm glad you had a nice relaxed night afterwards--the Kindle gift is a good one!! Hoping you get in some celebrating this weekend :)

  3. Happy belated birthday!! Hope it was still fun even though you had to work! Yay for a new kindle and more reading in your future!

  4. Happy belated birthday! I love that coat!

  5. Happy birthday, friend! I hope it was a great one <3

  6. Girl - I feel you. My birthday, at work, after 25 years, NO ONE knows when it is.
    Glad you got a little Twizzler treat. & that Kindle?!!?!? YES!!!!!!
    Happy Birthday!!

  7. happy belated!! i usually let my bday pass quietly...i celebrate month long by i do things to pamper myself like massages, facials etc.

  8. To continue The Office theme, It is your birthday. (One of my favorite Dwight moments). A low key birthday can be nice. I totally agree - both of my birthdays past 30 have felt less stressful and like there's less obligation to do something OMG great. I hope there was at least some cake involved?

  9. I was excited to turn 31! It's amazing the calm that comes with being in your thirties.

  10. Happy birthday!

    I am 100% against working on it. LOL

  11. Happy birthday!

    That's a good looking Kindle!

  12. Love the coat!!

    My sister in law always gets me a pack of black Red Vines for my birthday. She knows what I like.

    Glad you're liking Star Wars, too!

  13. Happy Birthday! Yay for a nice Kindle. I have the Kindle Paperwhite, but I love it. It's all I need really.


  14. Happy birthday! So far, my favorite birthday that I shared with my husband was with take-out pizza, cheap wine, and watching The Outsiders, one of my all-time favorite movies that he had never seen.


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