December 9, 2016

5 on Friday. 12/9

I finished The Secret Keeper. I highly recommend it. SO MUCH BETTER than The Lake House. As I told my coworker, it's the first WWII book to hold my attention in 2016. It was enthralling and twisty. 

Scott grilled on Monday night and little Jett just didn't know what to do with himself. 

A student made me this (it's wrapped around a canvas). Probably because I wouldn't shut up about candy corn awhile back. 

Onto this audiobook. It was recommended on What Should I Read Next? and it's held my attention for the first 3 hours. Have you read it?

The battalion Christmas party last night. Only like 2 more parties to go this weekend....



  1. LOL look at your pup just staring at the food! so cute.

  2. I need to read more...maybe on Christmas break...but then again that break will fly by fast :(

  3. I absolutely loved The Secret Keeper too. I haven't read the Lake House yet because I find her books to be a huge time commitment (even though I do enjoy them!)...I'm interested in your thoughts on Among The Ten Thousand Things - haven't read it yet but have heard good things! Cute photo from the Christmas party :)

  4. The Secret Keeper was my first and remains my favorite of Morton's books.

  5. Good to know about the book.
    The Candy corn note made me laugh. Funny what sticks with kids.

  6. Student drawings are the cutest!

  7. I'm glad you liked the Secret Keeper! Definitely better than The Lake House.

    I would be fine with going to zero work Christmas parties. I'm just not into them. I have to go to a THREE HOUR mid-day potluck here at my job and then Isaiah's job has an ugly sweater party on the same day. I don't own an ugly sweater and I'm not buying one for ONE party. I told him I might be too sick to go, he wasn't too happy with my bright idea.

    1. Oh and I LOVE what your student made you. One of my favorite holiday movies!

  8. I do not miss all the parties that came along with being in command haha.

  9. Whenever we have food, no matter what it is, the dogs sit and stare at it, waiting until we move so they can have a turn.

  10. I've read good things about The Secret Keeper vs Lake House. I've never read Kate Morton books before. I'm hesitant for some reason. I love to listen to What Should I Read Next. I got hooked on it from your suggestion :) It's a good one! Glad you are enjoying holiday time with your husband :)

  11. I love the gift your student made you! :) Sometimes, it's the little things that make this crazy job we do so much better! I also love your smile when you're with Scott...pure joy! :)


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