November 28, 2016

My Thanksgiving break is over.

I did finish all of the Christmas decorating so that's something.

Made this.

First, motivation. Because it's Monday. Sigh.

Secondly. If you've never seen one of my November recaps, read this (if you're so inclined), because this November just added to the list, as a deployment ended in November. It's always November.


I'm not really sure where Saturday through Wednesday went. I spent a lot of time reading, cleaning/decorating for Christmas, walking dogs, and just puttering around. Scott has also been working on the basement remodel a bit more.

On Thursday, I did make pretty much what I said I would, minus the rolls because I didn't have milk. For an over-planner, I'm pretty bad at planning sometimes. After we ate, we made plates to take to the barracks and Scott was able to check in with all of the staff duties, which was really nice I thought. I remember the days in Alaska, where he'd have staff duty at the company on weekends and/or holidays (Has it really been 7 years since we got to Alaska? Yes, it has.)

Very interested in what's happening on that counter

We finished the evening with a Steelers game, which is always nice to see in Colorado.

I never eat Chipotle these days. I haven't craved Mexican food in almost a year, but I felt like this on Friday night. 

On Friday, Scott went hunting and then we went to look for a new dishwasher (!!!!!) and ran a few errands. The dishwasher will arrive in two weeks. #victory

On Saturday, I made a cake for Scott's birthday and I got him these...

I contacted Kori Clark monthsss ago after reading about her on Nichole's blog and thought there'd be no better gift for Scott (and no better way to spend any money I'd put towards a birthday gift) than to commission some portraits of the dogs.

Sunday, I went to the grocery store and the downward spiral of absolute misery began: another week is beginning.

In order to make myself feel better about this, I ordered a planner...I looked at Plum Paper's site many times over and just could not find a cover I liked. I know this sounds ridiculous but I couldn't justify spending $32+shipping on a PLANNER if I didn't like looking at it. I would end up hating it and discard it by February (which is exactly what happened with last year's knock-off Day Designer). I also didn't want to order a Happy Balance planner simply because it was the same price and I didn't know what I was getting for that money. I'd never held one or seen a review anywhere. I'd just noticed them on an Instagram account and thought Neat.

So, I went to Erin Condren to drool over that watercolor design I brought to your attention months ago. Lo and behold, EC was having a 30% off sale and I was sold. I paid what I would for a PP or a HB planner (minus shipping...always minus the shipping) and since I've had ECs before, I know what I'm getting. I would like to run a study of 4 or 5 different planner brands, used side by side for a few months, in order to really be able to tell someone what they're getting for their money and what is the best use for each. I adored my plaid EC back in 2012 and I did use my EC in 2013-2014 to death. So while they are bulky, that is not a deal-breaker. I think I used them fully because I paid so much for them, therefore I'll be stuck with this one whether I like it or not. If I buy cheap planners, I'll buy more. I spent $40 at least on "planning"-like materials in 2016, including what I use for school.

And that was the highlight of my weekend. Other than that, we sat on the couch and watched The Crown and Shameless. It was wonderful.


  1. Planners are SO overpriced these days. And I'm right there with you on hating them by February.

  2. Those portraits of the dogs are great, such a wonderful gift! If ECs weren't outrageously expensive I'm pretty confident they would be my planner of choice but once I factor in the exchange rate and shipping to Canada it's well over $100 and I just can't justify that.

  3. I ordered a Kori Clark print for my sister after seeing it on Nichole's blog too! It was a giant hit. I'm pretty sure I peaked with gifts for her this past year :)

  4. I got christmas set up as well this weekend and I dont have enough stuff for a house, ha! I'm headed to hobby lobby today (last day off before new long term starts tomorrow) so maybe that will help!

    I think I've said goodbye to a paper planner :( Im actually very sad about this but we have to use google calendar for keith to use one.

  5. Love the watercolors! Bought the same plaid ribbon yesterday to go around our tree since I was tired of our gold from the past few years. I can't find a planner I like this year. My regular ones from Target have a weird, rubberized cover that I hate, the Happy Planners at Michael's are a vertical layout, and I'm not an EC fan. Guess I need to try an office supply store?

  6. The watercolors are amazing!!! Such great gifts.

  7. Congrats on the new dishwasher! That'll be cool to have. And those portraits of the dogs are definitely the perfect gift.

  8. I'm glad you got a planner ;) I've just ordered my third Plum Planner. It just has all I need. I want an Erin Condren, but I like having an hourly layout... so it doesn't do it for me.

  9. Love those portraits and that cake looks delectable! :)

  10. Ahhh! I was wondering if those were Kori Clark!! I may have also ordered a portrait for my best friend this year - I love these gifts so much!

  11. Oh! Those doggie portraits!
    And that cake looks phenomenal.


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