November 7, 2016


I totally planned to post Friday and then I just didn't. I usually feel like the end of a week is more productive than the beginning of the week, but that was not the case last week. 

Onto motivation.

This weekend, I:

...took the dogs to the vet for shots. Not as much as I should've, but I tried.

...went to a craft fair.
I found my Christmas ornament. 

I've been pretty trigger happy in 2016 (got 5-6 snakes...I lost count).

...highlighted my hair.

...was able to Skype with Scott for the first time in weeks.

And something to ponder as we head into election week...

I tried to fact-check this and was unsuccessful but, whether Jefferson said it or not, it's totally true.


  1. I love the ornament! I haven't spent any time reading lately, and I miss it so much. I've started putting my phone on airplane mode at night hoping to start freeing up some time. I've also stopped relying as heavily on screen time (netflix, hulu, whatever the poison). I keep filling that time with chores, but soon I'll imagine I'll find time for reading again. If someone got ahold of my computer today, though, they'd think I was up to something. I searched for a bunch of true crime books to get from the library (I'm obsessed) and then got back on the trail of a cold case here in CLT where a guy just disappeared after leaving a bar one night years ago. I remember it happening, so I fell down the rabbit hole of research. And then I googled "how long does it take for a body to decompose." So yeah...there's that.

  2. Thy quote is so true! I am so ready for this election to be over with.

  3. Good quote... whoever said it. You can claim it ;)

  4. That ornament is amazing, haha!

    Jefferson (or whoever) was a wise man.

  5. I love the ornament hahahaha! It's perfect.

  6. love that quote, regardless of who said it. very true (and terrifying). yay for skyping! you're a badass with the snakes. i have been on and off with reading lately, mainly off. i'm not sure why. i'm sure it will pick up eventually.


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