November 15, 2016

Currently. 11/15

Eating...ummm.. I've been averaging Chick-fil-a twice a week and I had Noodles with a friend on Sunday. 

Thinking...gratitude. The Balanced Life is promoting gratitude this month and I fill in the blanks each day.

Loving...that the GOTR season is all wrapped up. 
Me and my friend, who generously agreed to coach with me this year. 

Wishing...I knew what we were doing next year. Are we staying put? Things are still up in the air.

Working on...putting Christmas gifts together for our families. I've been ordering things online for the last month., what am I not watching?...currently, I'm watching the previous week's episode of Shameless every Sunday while I grade papers. Also, I've been trying to catch up with Jane the Virgin but I'm diehard #teamrafael so it's been discouraging. My greatest disappointment last week was that there was no new episode of Timeless

Reading....I've made it halfway through 3 books in the last week. Two of them are books I won't finish because I don't feel compelled to do so. 

Listening to....the same 20 country songs over and over again.

Buying....I've been stress-shopping online. It's a rabbit hole. Also, I bought some fun school-supply/stationary gifts, so I bought myself a treat. It's the little things...

What is *currently* going on with you?


  1. I haven't had Chick Fil A in ages, but now of course I want it! I love the daily gratitude challenge, and that you write it our (versus FB posts everyday, LOL!)

  2. I love pens. My current favorites are Le Pen 10 or so colored pack.

  3. I was Team Rafael until I wasn't. And I haven't even started Shameless this season and I finally quit Designated Survivor. Go you on the Christmas shopping! I've started, but I'm nowhere near done...

  4. I LOVE TIMELESS!! When I first set it up to record to the DVR, I didn't realize that I hadn't set it up to record the series. It hit me one day that it hadn't been on in awhile. Luckily, I was able to get the episodes we missed on demand, and now the series is set for sure! :)

  5. We're twins... I have TWO of those same notebooks & use those pens too :)
    I also am Team Raf ALL THE WAY on Jane... I think they are so cute together.
    Good for you already on the gift buying trend. I am always a slacker.

  6. I honestly can't say that I've ever eaten at Chick-fil-a...and I am sadly very behind on Christmas gifts. I haven't bought a single thing for a single person yet.

    I wish I had an excuse to buy new pens!! I don't journal or anything, I only occasionally write cards to mail, and at work, 98% of my work is on the computer and I pretty much only use pens to address the occasional envelope or write myself a sticky note.

  7. I love Papermate Flairs but recently I've been doing a lot of writing with a fine line sharpie and now I want to invest in a set of the coloured Sharpie markers but I'm worried they will bleed through pages and that will bug me. #stationarynerdprobs

  8. I haven't had Chick-fil-a in months....I wish ours wasn't so far away.

  9. All those pens are awesome!

    When we were in Columbus last weekend, we stepped outside the hotel which was bordering their main park downtown and suddenly we were swarmed by girls and saw the GOTR stuff and I was like oh oops, its going to be busy, ha!

  10. Chick-Fil-A is the only fast food I eat. It is delicious.

    I just bought some new "scented" gel pens per the child's request. They are not very good. Smudgy, which makes me angry.

  11. fully on board with treat yoself with pens and fun crafty stuff when you're feeling stressed. hope things get better!

  12. i'm having Chick-fil-a for dinner and i am very excited. it used to be on the way home and we would have it once a week, but home moved so.. yeah.
    i have got to start my online christmas present shopping. i can't be bothered going to actual stores.


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