October 31, 2016

Motivation and My Halloween Costume

Even more Motivating Monday Motivation.

It's Monday, it's Halloween, and I have way too much adulting to do this week.

Last week, it rained for the first time in two months. I caught a double rainbow. That always motivates me, at least a little bit. I captured a ton of these over the summer.

And if you need motivation to get on with your Monday, just remember that I have to wear this today:

There. Now things don't look so bad, right?

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  1. I love when I see rainbows! And double rainbows are even better! :) Good luck today with Halloween! I think your costume is cute :)

  2. I'm so glad we aren't required to dress up for Halloween. There's only one person here that dresses up every single year, without fail, as a witch. Because she is literally a Wiccan.

  3. Power Rangers still live on. Love it.
    Double Rainbows... never stops being amazing

  4. That shot of the double rainbow is gorgeous and frame worthy! Also, I love the first quote and wish more people would follow it. Happy Halloween!

  5. i don't think i have ever seen a double rainbow, but rainbows in general always make me happy. this is KC's first year as a teacher not dressing up, his principal apparently was like absolutely nothing halloween related, and all the 6th graders were devastated.
    love that first quote.

  6. I love your costume!!! It makes me happy.


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