September 14, 2016

More Actual Confessions

There was supposed to be an outfit picture shared today. That did not happen. 6:30am is too early for that (and let's be honest, I was running late) and I changed at school so I couldn't do it later. It's a shame. I liked my skirt.

I'm very happy it's getting dark earlier. The dogs can't convince me to walk them at 8pm now. When it's dark, they know it's time to lay down.

Sometimes I feel the best use of my time at 6:20am (when I'm supposed to be getting ready for work) is to online shop. This is why I run late.

I will never, ever go to one of my high school reunions.

Moscato tastes like deployment and disappointment.

I had to buy individually wrapped candy corn packs in order to keep track of how much I eat.

There are candy corn "stains" inside one of my kitchen drawers from where I hide my stash from Scott.

I was ready to buy a new vacuum because ours wasn't working right. My friend told me to call Dyson and I was all No, no...and she was all Give me the serial number. I'll call. My laziness has reached a first-world level. Also, I bought a new vacuum.

I jabbed myself in my own eye last week when I was putting on eye cream.

Every single one of these teaching memes is ridiculously cliched but they are cliched because they are 110% true.

Any confessions today?


  1. You're not alone! I always find stuff at my house that needs to be done before I leave and my leave time always gets later and later. Luckily I'm at a later starting school or I'd be in trouble!

  2. Thats actually a really good idea to do with the candy corn.
    Oh man, I'm totally the opposite - I'm starting to sink in my depression of getting darker earlier

  3. I feel the same way about high school reunions!!! I didn't go to my 10 year and I have no plans to go to any others.

  4. I can't do single-serving packets of anything, I still eat 10 of them.

    I've never gone to any high school reunions and I don't plan on going to any future ones, either. Living out of state is a great excuse, too. Not that I'd feel any more inclined if I still lived in the same town, of course. Zero plans to go to any college reunions, too.

  5. I'm with Angi, I'd just eat 10 packets as well. I'm now an official candy corn addict, I bought a huge bag when I was over in the US last week and it lasted about 5 minutes. Foolishly, I did not pack a supply to take home so I'm now going through an intense withdrawal....

  6. i went to my 10yr high school reunion and remembered the second i stepped in there that 1) i never hung out at my high school so i didn't know anyone and 2) i will never go to one of those things again becasue #1 !!

  7. OMG! The memes!!! I was either laughing or nodding/snorting in whole-hearted agreement.

  8. I hid a stash of candy bars from Jonathan. I bought five. FIVE. at the store last week. Full size, bitch. none of that fun sized shit. Less candy is not fun.

  9. One year I kept candy corn (hidden) in my car and my husband likes to bring it up every year to remind me, so knowing someone else also stashes their candy corn makes me feel so much better, haha.

  10. With you on skipping high school reunions... I'd rather shit in my hands and clap.

  11. you couldn't pay me to go to any school reunion. well, maybe like a million dollars.
    i like moscato! it is currently the only wine i can drink without wanting to puke immediately.
    good for you for eating and keeping track of single serve thingys. i would continue to eat them all, and be cranky at how much extra work it took to eat them lol. but i'd still eat them all.

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