July 11, 2016

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Reading: I just finished Only You by Denise Grover Swank. I was putting off reading it, but did in one afternoon and it was wonderful. Since this was a July book, it'll be properly reviewed in August, but see more of my reads tomorrow when I have my monthly book post up for Show Us Your Books.

Wondering: When exactly this summer is going to be over. Time has, indeed, actually stopped.

Eating: These sandwiches. I'm upped my protein intake and this is an easy way to get 30 grams.

Drinking: Less coffee. I've cut back on caffeine. It's the opposite of fun.

Feeling: Like time has, indeed, actually stopped.

Appreciating: The sunsets. They're usually pretty nice. 

Failing: I'm not good at putting my shoes away.

Succeeding: I kept to my list at Costco. These are the BEST socks, by the way. I've bought 3 packs in the last year. 

Buying: School supplies. I was having a bad day, so I went to Walmart (the nice Walmart so as not to make my day worse) and loaded up on goodies. 

Planning: I'm organizing my binders at school. The red one has important stuff in it and it was in my classroom when I moved in. But I can't keep it because it's red and I hate red. It must be replaced. Also, the purple one is from a college portfolio I had. I keep it around as a daily reminder of how far I've come. 
This is really odd behavior, isn't it?

Loving: This wireless printer. It takes up virtually no space and works like a charm. 

That is me, printing labels for notebooks (in July).

Cheers to Monday. I like it when new weeks begin.


  1. That shopping trolley full of stationery makes me happy just looking at it! I hope it cheered up your bad day. That printer looks really nifty, ours is a hulking beast and keeps breaking. I'm dying to get a new one but we just keep managing to get it to stagger on a little bit longer... Mostly because we have ink cartridge stock to use and those things are expensive.

  2. Cutting back on coffee / caffeine doesnt sound like fun at all!

  3. You and I are experiencing "A Tale of Two Summers" - your's is never ending and mine is flying by way to quickly. I will be making a trip to Walmart here soon to buy packs of markers for 99 cents and 3-prong folders for 10 cents. Have a good one and good luck with the caffeine cut back.

  4. I am terrible at putting my shoes away.

    I'm with Ericka, my summer is flying too, we are on opposite ends!

  5. It's sortof depressing that all the stores are already loaded with back to school products. I feel like it's too soon. (probably not, but still lol) That sandwich looks amazing!

  6. The sunsets are beautiful that's for sure!

  7. Your response to cutting back on caffeine made me snort!
    And that picture of the shoes...hilarious, and I'm guilty as well.

  8. Oooooh school supplies!!! As you know, I also share your love of school supplies AND shopping for them.

    I went to Staples a couple of weeks ago because I needed a hole puncher. They had some fun, decorative magnets on sale for really cheap (like, 50 cents). So I bought 2 packages. The fact that this was all I bought is a miracle.

  9. I think buying school supplies in July is one of my favorite things. I spend too much but then when I find it in like January, it's Christmas all over! I try to spend my small budget of $75 from my chair on expo markers and stuff like that. But then when Walmart has them ridiculously cheap, I stock up for dry erase board activities!

  10. oooh i want a new pretty printer. i also need new socks, so i will keep an eye out next time we go to costco. i do the same thing with my shoes, it drives KC nuts. checking out Only You! sounds cute.


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