May 7, 2016

Saturday Phone Drop

I didn't take a whole lot of pictures this week. It's been an overwhelming one, to say the least.

Since I no longer have class on Tuesday nights, I decided to use that extra time to make my hair a slightly lighter shade of blonde with some highlights. Usually I do this on the weekends so that if I screw it up, I have time to get it fixed before work. This time, I did it at 6pm on a Tuesday and I had two important meetings on Wednesday. That was living on the edge. 

I love TJs soups. My coworker lives right next door to TJs. She walks there. Life is unfair, right?
So anyway, she picked me up some soup as a surprise. 

Outer order = inner calm. I believe in this SO much.
I'll be putting it into practice this weekend. I kind of feel like I'm slowly going insane because I have a little too much to do.

A student wrote Scott a letter. They had to pick a hero to write to and I told them they could write to a soldier and I would send it to a soldier (I figured Scott could hand them out to his company). 
This kid (identifying info obviously removed) loves the Broncos and kept asking if he could "add just a little Broncos' colors". I responded with NO every time. 
Ignore the lack of question marks. I didn't proofread these. Authenticity is better for something like this, right?

And fun fact: this kid hates the Steelers. We got these little bracelets for some assembly this week and they were black/white and black/yellow. I only had two black/yellow ones in my pack, so I made sure he had one, and I put one on too. I said, "Hey there Johnny, we have matching Steelers' bracelets!" and he was not pleased. Everyone else had a black/white one. Someone asked if they could trade and I said, "I don't care. But you can't trade with Johnny."  Johnny (obviously not his real name) was not happy. He told me it "burned" his wrist because it was Steelers' colors and he's a Broncos fan.*

That was seriously the best part of my week.

*Every day, I have to consciously make sure I don't wear blue and orange together OR write on the board in blue and orange marker because he and many of the others will point out that HAHAHA you're a Broncos fan now!

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  1. I love that your student wrote a letter to Scott! And I love even more that it says "Stellers"! I find it annoying when my students in PA don't like the Steelers. I mean, why do they even live here then?? ;) This year, I have some Broncos fans. They're obnoxious. I don't know how you live that life. haha


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