May 14, 2016

A Tale of Two MacBook Cases

The other day I decided I needed a MacBook case. If I'm going to be traveling this summer at all, I just need more protection. I mean, this is what happens to it in my own living room.

So, I get on Amazon and find a case and put it in the cart but, as I'm apt to do, I wait before I order. I like the anticipation of having goodies in the carts on various websites more than I actually like ordering the various items. Two days later, I went back to order it and it was gone. I put another one in the cart and ordered it. Bam. Done.

That night, Scott and I were Skyping and he said he'd been nice and ordered me the things I had in the Amazon cart.  That made me do a double-take and say Oh! That's where my stuff went! No wonder it wasn't in the cart when I went back.

And then I told him that I ordered the case too. I looked at the return options and it would cost me almost as much to return it as the actual price of the case.

He told me to get my own Amazon account. I DO have my own account for Kindle and Audible purposes, but his has the Prime attached to it. I'm not giving up free shipping by utilizing my own account (uh, or my own credit card).

When I told my coworker I had two MacBook cases now, she said that was good in case I lose one.

As I mentioned, I don't lose things.


  1. I decided to join you on the daily blogging of life thing but I decided to wait until I was home from vacation. I got home on Tuesday night. Anyways, we ordered a tent from REI and we forgot to use our coupon code that would save us $80. We called but they wouldn't apply the coupon, so we ordered a second tent with the code. Our thought was we'd be able to easily return the other tent. When it arrived, we found there was no free shipping return label. So we drove 3 hours to the closest REI, returned the tent with no problems and shopped. Then drove 3 hours back home. Now that I've written this up, I'm just gonna blog about it. It was a mansion of a tent with two bedrooms and a porch. I can't wait to camp!

  2. You can share your prime membership with up to three people. Look in your prime account information area on amazon.

  3. David and I share an account too and constantly rearrange the cart and save for later based on who is looking at what. Ha. I ordered a blu-ray the other day, the wrong one, it'll cost me $6 to mail it back. The whole thing cost me $10 total. This is how our house gets cluttered with random stuff. I once mailed back a pair of $20 shoes. I spent $11 mailing them back. :(

  4. Like Lisa said, he should be able to share it with you. I have the Prime account, but I shared it with my husband. He can order stuff, and I won't see it.

  5. Haha! Sell the other one on eBay OR Amazon!

  6. Sell it! I should really buy one like you have. I have had my Macbook for almost 7 years (possibly toying with the idea of getting a new one) and never had a case on it.

  7. I would sell it! :) I've never had a case on mine, I have thought about it.


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