April 25, 2016

R+F self-tanner is for everyone!

Seriously. If I can do it, you can too.

I put this on around 6pm, after I showered*. I took the "after" picture around 10am the next morning, but the color is supposed to appear within 2-4 hours. (I was in bed by then.)

I let it dry for an hour with shorts on before I put pants back on.
It's a very light-weight foam that dried awfully quickly. In fact, the few little mistakes I did make (just being honest) were because it dried quickly and I probably didn't put enough of the product on to begin with. I'd never used a self-tanner before.

However, all in all, it came out just fine!

And the self-tanner itself made my legs softer and smoother than any lotion I'd ever tried. I would use it again immediately just for that effect.

Anyway, I'd never used self-tanner before and was even scared to try this. My two co-workers bought it from me and raved about it so I had to get on board.

The retail price is $24 for a bottle that will probably last me the whole season. I might put it on every other week. The Preferred Customer price is $21. 

You can order here if you'd like to try it out for yourself! It would also be very easy to add to your bi-monthly order if you're already a PC.

*I don't always shower and turn in for the night at 6pm. It was Friday. I was exhausted. Plus we'd had a fund run at school and I was still kinda gross and sweaty.


  1. I just won this in a giveaway and Im super excited to get it and apply it! My legs need some fake sun! haha

  2. Oh this looks great! I like how soft the Jergens gradual tanner makes my legs, but there isn't a ton of color to it. I might just need to try this.

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  3. My friend got this and we're doing a test with that and Younique's.

    A self tanner that works is gold.

  4. I may have to purchase some of this. I'm always curious to know how easy products streak though. Was this one bad for that or did it blend pretty effortlessly? Also, what's the longevity of it?

  5. Oh wow this looks like an awesome product. I just might have to check it out.

  6. i am intrigued. and also scared. i am scared of the quick drying aspect, and the knees/elbows/hands. i don't want to be super pale, but i don't want to be orange either lol

  7. I'm so tempted by this! I'm the whitest I've ever been!

  8. Hmmmm....may need to add this to my next order. I like that it looks natural, and that it's a foam


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