April 5, 2016

My Little French Friend

Have you seen this on Facebook?

It describes Jett pretty accurately.

Jett rarely leaves me alone.

He follows me everywhere. He sleeps right next to me. He crawls all over me when I try to do Pilates, usually laying his head on my chest while I'm trying to do things and he gets himself yelled at often.  He whines at my feet while I'm on my laptop. He sits next to me when I'm on the couch, nudging my hands until I pet him. If I take my hand away, he'll start trying to lick me and I hate being licked. He lays on the bathroom floor when I take a shower. This isn't specific to me; he does all of these things with Scott too.  Jett has no boundaries.

Scout could not care less about what I do.  He does what he wants and it usually involves napping under the bed where I can't reach him.  I have to seek him out if I want to snuggle him and then, if Jett's around, Jett will run over and shove Scout out of the way so he (Jett) can get in a good petting while I'm in the mood to pet.

We've sort of related his ability to not understand instructions to the fact that he is French and, therefore, might not understand instructions (I'm only kind of kidding here).  And Jett really did come this way, making the nature vs. nurture argument pretty strong.  I remember Scott calling me when he was on his way home from Minnesota with an 8 week old Jett in his truck.  He said Jett was crawling all over him and chewing on the seatbelt.  We'd only had him for an hour at that point.  Scout had slept the whole way home when we picked him up.

However, Jett is loyal and he's reliable. He is always right there. As we walk through the fields, he stays close, he circles back, and he always listens the first time I call him.  I never worry about him running away; he likes attention too much for that. Scout...does what he wants and usually gets himself yelled at. Scout is better indoors, Jett is better outdoors. They're complete opposites.

Jett used to not have weird attachment issues (Scout has some pretty weird attachment issues to Scott). But there were a few times in the last couple of months where Scott would try to take Scout somewhere and leave Jett behind. The strangled cry Jett would let out, the whining and crying, was absolutely unbearable. Jett really knows how to pull at your heartstrings.  In fact, when he wants a certain amount of attention that I'm not willing to provide, he will crawl under the bed and, for lack of a better description, start to cry. He'll let out a whimper or a cry every few seconds until I call him out and then he'll come over to get a petting. And he never, ever comes the first time I call him. I have to coax him out and convince him that Yes, Jett, please come here. I love you and want to pet you. I really, really do. And then whatever I'm trying to do gets completely sidetracked and I end up just petting a dog.

Anyway, I call Jett my little French friend and if I say Parlez-vous Francais?, I swear he understands. I should learn how to speak French and then maybe he and I can come to an understanding. My 4 years of Spanish aren't coming in handy with this one.


  1. Oh my gosh I love this too much!!! I love how much personality they both have.

  2. Isn't it so fun to see the different personalities that dogs have? The difference between my dog and my in-laws dog is pretty funny to witness. Love this!

  3. Adorable. Gus is like a mix of Scout and Jett. Mae is a beast on her own and Geege is my best boy who never leaves my side.

  4. It's a good thing our pets are cute.

  5. I love this! It's so fun seeing the different personality in animals.

  6. Dobie is usually attached to one of us and Barkley could not care less. Unless there's a loud noise. Then he's like glue.

    I love when you write posts about your dogs because DOGS.

  7. awww this is adorable. Penny does the licking thing, it is so annoying. she could lick you all day, i'm not kidding. millie hates closed doors and will cry like you are beating her if you lock her out while you go to the bathroom, and then when you get out, she'll follow you around for hours... but will never, ever, ever sit in your lap. she's super weird. all my cats are. i love reading about pets personalities though, jett sounds adorable though of course it's because i'm on the other side of the computer screen and don't have to deal with it haha.

  8. As a mama to five fur babies, I really appreciated this. I try to explain to others that my pets have specific, unique, and different personalities. Some people think I'm odd. I'm glad you get it.


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