April 11, 2016

Currently (six)

Because I always start with what I'm watching...

I started Orphan Black on Amazon. It's kind of mesmerizing. But I'm only a few episodes in.

Trying...to catch up on TV shows. It's not working. I am an entire season behind on TWD, I never watched the finale of Downton, and I haven't watched Grimm or Once Upon a Time since November. At this point, I might as well just wait for them to arrive on Netflix/Amazon, even though I have all of it DVR'd. And clearly I'm still looking for new shows to watch (see above)

Reading...The Gambler.

Can't stop, won't stop with these books. I've already gotten two friends to try them out. They're extremely predictable and kinda dorky books, but it's nice to get lost in a fictional world every now and then. Swank's pretty skilled in characterization. I feel like I'm listening to a rom-com.

But now I'm out of books in the series and out of credits at Audible, so I'll be going back to podcasts for awhile. Sigh.

Finishing....11.22.63. James Franco is wonderful. I liked the ending. The miniseries on Hulu was much less gory than the book. And it's probably not even "gory", really. I just don't read many King books.

Enjoying...The Catch. Who knew the chick from The Killing had personality? I really like her in this.  And did you know that Kate Atkinson, author of the very thought-provoking book Life After Life, writes The Catch? No wonder I like it...


Trying to get Scout to look at the screen and he refused.

Playing...bingo with coworkers from last year.  Old lady status, cemented.

Noticing....that Colorado's Republican convention was happening at the Broadmoor World Arena on Saturday. Colorado opted to not do a caucus OR a primary this year. I don't pretend to understand all the ins and outs of the process and I think Colorado has an awful state government (they're bad at things...roads, schools, etc), but I can't vote in Colorado anyway. Still an Alaska resident.

Buying...protractors. Because if I don't buy them, the students can't use them. I had been borrowing a set all last week but that obviously can't go on forever.

And while I was there, using up a gift certificate at Banks School Supply, I came across some duck stickers.  I'll be sending them to Scott. In case you don't know, he spends his waking hours, and several sleeping hours, duck-hunting. No ducks in Afghanistan.

Well, now there will be.

I hope he reads this.


  1. Haha love the duck stickers! I haven't watched TWD this season either, but thankfully no one has blurted out any spoilers.

  2. I haven't watched OUAT since November either, I just can't get into it anymore.

  3. I'm glad you found those ducks for him!

    I haven't watched the finale of Downton either. I watched two new shoes this weekend: Flaked and Rectify.

  4. As much as I love Once Upon a Time, I tend to enjoy having more than one episode to watch at a time! I like to get a few on the DVR before watching.

    Love the duck stickers! I'm sure Scott will appreciate them! :)

  5. Those duck stickers are fabulous! I can't commit to any new series', either. I've decided Masterchef is my level and that's that. Although with the number of new episodes they come out with it's as much as I can do just to keep up with that!

  6. We started Graceland this weekend. It's surprisingly great. Kimmy Schmidt and Bloodline are coming up soon so I think I'm good. I need to go through all the recommendations you guys gave last week but I've already watched a bunch of them. Sigh.

  7. That skype photo is so sweet :)
    I don't watch much. I want to, but I don't.
    Those duck stickers are quite thoughtful.


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